How to Get Rid of an Old Fridge?

An average lifespan of a fridge is 11 years and saying that many of the substances contained in fridges are quite harmful to the environment if not disposed of in the right way. Here are a few tips to consider the next you want a fridge replacement not knowing what to do with the old one:

Donate or Sell

Some local charities accept donations of old refrigerators, as long as they are still in good working condition. This way you’re giving it to someone who can make use of your refrigerator even if you feel like you need a replacement. You may have to contact some of the charities in your local area and ask if they are willing to take a used and slightly functional fridge. If they agree, you may have to call up your House clearance in Manchester  specialist and seek help with transporting it to the correct charity center.

Don’t Throw it Out with Your Trash

One of the most common mistakes people make is just throwing their old fridge away out in the streets for the city to deal with the aftermath. This is wrong on many levels – especially for the environment. Remember that when you leave an old leaking fridge out in the open, since fridges are made of dangerous substances like freon which is an almost odourless and tasteless gas, they can then cause severe symptoms if a person inhales too much of its cooling chemical all at once. As a result, it is advised to speak to a professional and take necessary steps to dispose of your fridge in the most safest way possible.

Contact a Specialist Waste Removal Company

You may not know everything about your fridge. So this is why it’s best to contact specialists whether to recycle old refrigerators or replace it with a completely new one. And even if you get rid of the old one, you need to know how it’s done because all of them contain refrigerants that are potent greenhouses gases which are harmful in the long run.

Try to Recycle

A fridge is usually a home appliance that takes a lot of space and effort to move it around here and there. So sometimes you may not be able to completely get rid of your old refrigerator too soon. In such cases, you can contact your retailer because there could be high possibilities of them wanting your old appliances.










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