The Next Staycation Destination is Your Garden

The way we travel is beginning to change. An era of low-cost flights for brief weekends is coming to an end as environmentalism becomes increasingly more important. Now, instead of the potential stress and eco-guilt that comes with a three-day jaunt to Europe, many are choosing to travel around the UK. Staycation is the popular term. People are travelling by bus and train, more slowly, and staying with locals in areas they want to explore.

These areas could be quaint villages, perfect for a calm retreat, or the centre of a city to experience an exciting event or gig. And, as in-land holidays become increasingly normalised, homeowners are adapting. Empty attics and personal rooms left empty during times away are all being repainted and turned into accommodation for visiting guests.

Those travelling are now able to select a wide variety of rooms from websites, such as Booking and Airbnb, all within private residences. Often, they will be offered to stay in a spare room. Occasionally they will have use of the entire home, meaning the host is able to earn income on a space that would otherwise be empty. And, if lucky, the visitor may even have their own private building, separate from the house itself.

Since having guests come and go within your home can be intrusive or, at times, a chore, if you are considering opening your residence to stays, then it may be worth transforming your garden space. Annexes and free-standing builds, even log cabins, are perfect choices to allow guests, both personal and professional, to stay.

Once you’ve built your space, it can be decorated to your design, filled with extra bits from your own home. Spare cutlery and towels not only help guests to feel accommodated for but they also free up your own home’s storage space. Putting in this extra effort, especially with items such as shampoo and coffee, will help your guests feel right at home. It may be an extra spend but the positive reviews will assure continued and regular visitors.

It can also be handy to keep up-to-date with events in your area. Since you can choose when you would like to open your accommodation, you can even choose to host guests during limited periods, which is perfect for times when there would be a greater demand in your area. Festivals, such as Glastonbury and the Fringe, completely change the areas around them for a few days or weeks. Many locals, use the opportunity to earn extra income or supplement their own escape by welcoming others to stay at their home.

So, it might be time to look around your home and into your garden. Is there any potential for a new room or perhaps an old one to be renovated? If so, consider the staycation culture. It is now easier, safer, and more reliable than ever. And, as travel trends turn toward keeping more people inside the UK, it is sure to become more popular in future.

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