Why Virginia Termite Moisture Inspections are Critical

Most homeowners don’t realize the havoc termites can cause until they are faced with extensive repairs. In Virginia, people are faced with spending thousands of dollars towards termite eradication and structural repairs due to excessive moisture every year.

It is such a problem in Virginia that a State law is in effect requiring that a termite moisture report or a WDI Form NPMA-33 be conducted by a local qualified pest control company and provided as part of the real estate transaction.  Without one, the property deal cannot legally follow through.

What Entities Need a Termite Moisture Inspection Report?

Sellers, potential buyers, and real estate agents are typically interested in termite & moisture reports. For Virginia real estate transactions, Wood Destroying Insect Form NPMA-33 is required, which details and reports any signs of wood destroying insects and associated mold or rot found on the critical wooden floor structures of a building. The report will also mention the possible limitations of the inspection, besides the scope. In many Virginia homes and properties, termite and fungus infestations are quite common. Getting a professional termite & moisture inspection done by a licensed inspector helps in acquiring reports, which are handy for closing real estate deals.

Why Do Termite Moisture Inspections Matter?

As a property seller, you would want to get the best possible price for your home. Having both termite & moisture inspection reports is an assurance for the buyer, and you will be in a better position to negotiate the price.

On the other hand, for buyers it is necessary to get such inspection done to avoid unwanted repairs later. Compared to the possible damage that termites and other wood destroying insects can cause, such inspections are inexpensive and must be done before the real estate deal is finalized. In case the property is found to be infested with pests or has extensive mold or wood damage, the buyer and seller can negotiate further with the seller  choosing to get the repairs done or reduce the price.

How Are Termite Moisture Inspections Performed?

First and foremost, you need to find pest control companies in Portsmouth that offer such services.  Apart from the inspector looking for the presence of wood destroying insects, a moisture inspection is also performed during the visit. It determines if there is a build-up of sickness-causing mold or wood rot and degradation to the structure’s flooring support due to long-term exposure to water.  Both with the potential to cause a very expensive repair bill in order to maintain the integrity and value of the structure.

Of course, the inspection is mostly visual in areas that homeowners are prone to never check on their own such as cramped crawl spaces underneath houses. However, a thorough inspector will probably spend the most time in this area to cover the entire foundation of the building.  They will also probe for hard-to-see termite burrows or soft spots in wood. For problem areas found concerning mold or wood damage, the inspector will record meter readings to help determine the extent of damage and repair.

Underneath a house is usually the most critical problem area, however a quality termite moisture inspection should also include a thorough review of attic and roof areas, as well as walls, door and window frames.

After the physical inspection, the authorized pest control company inspector will provide a signed and completed WDI Form NPMA-33 to be included as part of the real estate transaction closing.

 A typical termite moisture inspection can be completed in under two hours for most homes.

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