When To Renovate Your Floors

Knowing the right time to change your floor may be difficult. Whether you need floors for hallways that are easier to navigate or easier to clean, replacing your floors doesn’t have to be a big undertaking.

Switching your floor can change your home’s s overall look. By completely remodeling, it can increase the amount of happiness and life in your home. If you don’t know whether it’s time to replace your herringbone flooring with laminate hardwood flooring, this article will help you to make a decision.

Read on to know when it’s the right time to change your floors.

  1. When You Buy A House

Unless your new house has a brand new carpet, you should renovate its floors after purchasing it. If you plan your schedule well, you can change the floors before moving your furniture into the house. Worrying less about personal belongings can hasten the floor renovation process. In case you buy a home with old carpets that don’t suit your taste, you can replace them with wood flooring that is easy to clean, doesn’t harbor many allergens, and fits your tastes and preferences.

If another person occupied the home you’ve bought, chances are, their flooring type doesn’t match your furniture and décor because various people have different preferences. There’s no need to settle for a floor you don’t like if you’re capable of changing it. Your home will only look like a home if you remodel your floors in a way that suits your taste.

  1. When They Aren’t In Good Condition

Hardwood floors can wear out quickly when water spills on them, and people step on them continuously. This may leave the floor’s finish looking less than ideal. When you realize that there are scratches that need fitting or cracked tiles that need renovation, it’s more sensible to renovate your floor rather than refinishing the wood or replacing the tiles.

If your subfloor has a problem, your floor needs renovation. Subfloor issues may arise in any home. Uneven or sunken floors in some areas of your house are indications that your subfloor needs repair. Additionally, squeaky tiles or floors that appear to break along the same path also indicate a bad subfloor. Subfloors that are subjected to water are more likely to be damaged. Though replacing subfloors isn’t fun, having great floors after replacement can make you smile.

  1. When They Aren’t Safe

Your floors may sometimes pose a safety risk. This may happen when one of your family members is physically incapacitated and needs a solid surface to navigate a wheelchair or walker. When you have such members within your home, having a tiled or laminate wood flooring may not be a good idea. They may cause accidents that may lead to other serious injuries or even death.

You may need flooring with rough grains to prevent possible slips and falls in such a case. Adding transitions can also help to avoid these accidents.


There are several reasons why you may choose to renovate your floor. Your home is your life, and the type of floor you have can impact how you and your family members live in it. If you want to be safe, it may be vital to renovate your floor.

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