What Are The Benefits of Installing Automatic Doors

The first thing a person pays attention to when approaching a building is the front door. Its appearance and design form the initial impression of what may be behind it, and a lot depends on this. Today, automatic sliding door systems are gaining more and more popularity – structures that perform their functions without contact. These devices are becoming an indispensable element of the facades of shops, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, business centers, concert and exhibition halls, and railway stations. They are characterized by high-performance parameters, each model has a stylish design.

The non-contact operation, in addition to ease of use, provides a high level of hygiene, eliminating the touch of many hands-on structural elements. The coronavirus pandemic has given a good impetus to the development of all contactless technologies. The reason is that coronavirus is transmitted not only by airborne droplets but also by contact. And sanitary and epidemiological safety has been added to the large list of advantages of automatic doors.

Benefits of automatic sliding door system

The list of advantages of automatic doors, which I will write below, is certainly not complete, since depending on the type of automatic door, certain properties, characteristics, and, of course, advantages will be added. Therefore, for each type of door, I will add the advantages and disadvantages inherent in them. Below are the top 7 benefits of any automatic door.

Epidemiological safety

According to scientists, you can become infected with coronavirus by touching surfaces that an infected person has touched before you. Research from the Australian science agency CSIRO shows that Covid-19 is “extremely persistent” and can survive on surfaces much longer than previously thought.

A team of Australian researchers has found that the coronavirus can survive up to 28 days at room temperature on surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, and paper. This is much longer than the flu virus, and longer than previous studies have shown.

By the way, even before the coronavirus pandemic, common surfaces were the source of many unpleasant diseases. Influenza, E. coli, rotaviruses (causes intestinal flu), Koch’s bacillus (causes tuberculosis), staphylococci, and many other viruses and bacteria can live from four to five days to several years on most hard surfaces. This makes shared surfaces a potentially dangerous source of infection transmission.

Why is it important? Because then a person, becoming a carrier of the virus, begins to infect other people.

Convenient access for your guests

Automatic sliding door systems are a unique solution, which can be said to be both “always open” and “always closed”. This is what creates the convenience that is typical only for automatic doors.

“Always open” means that at any time of the day or night, the automatic door will open in a friendly manner to your guests. It is inconvenient to pass through ordinary doors with luggage, with small children, and often the passage is not convenient for the elderly, or people with prams. Passing through an automatic door does not have these drawbacks.

“Always closed” means that after the passage of your guests, the door will close on its own and cold or hot air from the street does not enter the room. And your visitors will be in a comfortable microclimate of your building.

Digital Access

There are two main ways to control access:

Timer access control. You can open and block access through the automatic door according to the programmed time and day of the week. For example, at 8-30, the door is automatically unlocked for passage, and at 23-00 the door is blocked for entry but remains unlocked for the exit, and at 23-50 free exit is also blocked.

Controlled by motion sensors. The most common way to control automatic doors. The sensor, as a rule, is installed above the door, and when a person approaches the door, the door automatically opens.

Oryx Doors’ smart glass doors offer privacy at the touch of a button, while still letting in natural light and providing an elegant touch to any space.

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