Troubled due to Woodworms? Here’s Some Tips to Get Rid of Them.

What are woodworms? Why do they cause so much trouble? 

Woodworms are not ‘worms’ in real terms. They are like the larva of different types of beetles called the Common Furniture Beetle. They bore small holes in the wood while they make their way out of the timber, and thus, leaving a powdery substance behind. In this way, they cause damage to the wood or sometimes even cause structural problems. They can be found anywhere in furniture, beams or even on wooden floorings. They can easily spread from one wood to another.

Though it is difficult to find them, you can look out for some bore dust or frass areas. They always prefer to go to the lighted areas hence you may find them near a window or at the loft hatches. They usually come through old furniture or timber which might be infested.

What are the early signs of this infestation?

  1. The very first sign can be neat round holes that are 2mm across the wooden surface.
  2. There would be dust or powdery residue around the hole.
  3. Week floorboards or beams are one of the signs of these woodworms
  4. Larvae are present in the wood. They are creamy white but too tiny to even spot them.
  5. You may find beetles that are 3mm long and brown/black.

How to prevent these woodworms?

Humidity is one of the reasons for these woodworms to breed. Hence, you must keep your home away from humidity by keeping proper ventilation and the room heated. If you still find any infestations in new furniture or any of the old furniture, it would be preferable to discard that item from your house to avoid any further spreading of these woodworms.

How to treat them?

You can treat them both with a professional’s help and by using home DIY methods. However, it is anytime better to call professionals as they are trained enough to handle this.

Using Professional help:

If you have a woodworm infestation that has widespread to different furniture or even the structural part of your house then it can be the best option to call a professional for your help. However, make sure that the company you are choosing has a good year of experience and is certified too. You can check for a recommendation from your family or friends or you can even check their reviews online. Just like we know about the Pest Control Manchester who is having around 30 years of experience and it is their own family business.

It is also very important that you take a proper quote from the company beforehand and not just an estimate. This is to avoid any further problems.

Using Home or DIY remedies:

If you are sure that the infestation is only to certain items and not everywhere then you can try these DIY methods. You get that boron-based liquid pesticide which can be used as per the instructions given in their paper. However, you need to ensure to keep kids and pets away. Also, there is no guarantee that the worms would be killed as only those on the surface would be killed, but not the larvae which are inside.

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