Top Modular Kitchen Design Ideas for 2020

Modular kitchens have become the most preferred kitchen style among interior designers as well as homeowners, which make them a growing segment in 2020. Buyers are increasingly looking for the top modular kitchen ideas, to find the best functionally & aesthetically enhanced kitchens. These leading kitchen designs go well with the diverse needs of the Indian household as well. Not only can a modular kitchen be highly customizable, it can also provide much needed storage space for everyday kitchen essentials.

When sourcing the right modular kitchen setup, project managers may have to review multiple options in the marketplace for design ideas. These ready-to-install kitchens may be adopted at scale or project managers may opt to review leading ideas within the design ecosystem. By reviewing the top modular kitchen design ideas for 2020, best practices can be borrowed to make residential, commercial, & service kitchens highly aesthetically appealing.

Here are some modular kitchen design ideas that are sure to be a hit in 2020:

Integrating Regular-Use Appliances

One of the top modular kitchen ideas for 2020 is to integrate major appliances. Daily-use appliances can become a part of the cabinets and below-countertop regions. This aids in saving space for homeowners while maximizing the utilization of the kitchen style. Whether a U-shaped, L-shaped or kitchen-island style, having appliances within the kitchen is the key to enhance functionality of the space. Ovens, microwaves, wine-cellars, and even mini-fridges can be a part of the countertop-line or be attached near the service region for ease of reach.

Incorporating lighting Strategically

Project managers can install smart-lighting fixtures across the kitchen to take advantage of the modular kitchen layout. From sensor-based bulbs to smartphone-operated LEDs, the lighting of the kitchen can completely transform how homeowners experience the space. Designers are now integrating lighting inside cabinets and busy drawers/working areas to provide illumination without using main lighting sources. There are counter tops that help bounce that light to other areas of the kitchen, giving homeowners that studio-light effect for their kitchens.

Focusing on the Right Faucet

The aesthetics and functionality of the faucet & sink can drastically impact the workability of a modular kitchen. The top modular kitchen design ideas for 2020 increasingly focus on the aesthetic enhancement of the wet areas within the setup. By opting for the appropriate faucet type, with the right finish, developers can bring out the natural charm of the modular kitchen without investing significant capital. Trending faucet finishes such as warm copper, matte black, rose gold, and nickel can help enhance the desirability of the kitchen space significantly.

The Rise of Flex Tension

Designers are increasingly opting for flexible extension kitchens that balance extended storage spaces with flexible fittings, appliances and sitting areas. This is allowing developers to reimage the kitchen as a living space for homeowners who can interact, relax and enjoy the cooking process in the area. Full-height storage spaces are enabling residents to keep containers, cutlery and pantry-items away from the service & cutting areas. Low-level seating arrangements enable house members to interact within the workstation or enjoy an extended breakfast-bar/island unit.

Designing Streamlined Kitchens

With a rising number of options in fittings, appliances and installations, project managers can incorporate many distinct modules in cabinets, counters and storage spaces. The top modular kitchen design ideas for 2020 focus on streamlined modularity which emphasises the precise utilization of materials and textures. From handless cabinets to completely integrated wet-areas, new kitchens are emerging highly streamlined for obstruction-free usage. Designers are also customizing containers, boxes, and storage spaces to fit perfectly in the allocated space within cabinets.

In Conclusion

Residential homes, commercial complexes and service apartments are being increasingly designed using modular kitchen principles & aesthetics. While space-saving is a critical objective, modular kitchens are also being made to reflect the latest trends in design, materials and finishes.

With new ideas from international homes and emerging choices within domestic demand, the complexities of sourcing, managing and executing new projects can be challenging. That’s where online platforms such as BuildSupply can be leveraged to fulfil key requirements in faucets, sinks, and critical kitchen fittings. Project managers can also raise RFQs for a complete modular kitchen or customize their own kitchens as specified.

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