Tips to Make your Kitchen Renovation Project More Affordable

When planning a kitchen makeover, budget is always a factor and things soon add up when you start choosing materials and appliances and if you’re not careful, you quickly pass your intended price tag. Here are a few tips to help keep costs down to an acceptable level.

  • Engineered Stone – Simply put, man-made slabs of stone that look identical to naturally quarried marble, and when you see the cost, you’ll be more than happy. The company that creates engineered stone employs a team of highly skilled technicians who design and press the 3200 x 1600 slabs and with an impressive list of quartz benchtop colours, there’s sure to be something that is ideal. This is an eco-friendly alternative to natural marble and granite, which looks and feels like natural stone and the low cost will keep your project to budget.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles – LVT is extremely durable, making it ideal for wet and heavy traffic areas, with a wide range of finished in stone, timber and slate. The realistic finish is due to a hi-res digital image that is embedded under the outer protective coating, with all shades of brown and grey in the many design options. Whether English oak of local jarrah, the timber finishes are out of this world, as are the stone and slate designs. Solid hardwood is very expensive and not ideal for a kitchen, whereas the luxury vinyl is as durable as any material and with cork backing, you can enjoy a soft and silent walking experience.
  • Shopping for Major Appliances – The Internet hosts a wealth of information and when you are looking for the best deals with known brand kitchen appliances, you can quickly compare prices with a few clicks of the mouse. If you are prepared to wait, there are some great end-of-line bargains that can save you hundreds of dollars.
  • DIY Solutions – If you have the tools and the know-how, why not do the work yourself? Aside from the money you’ll save, you will feel a sense of pride and with YouTube videos that walk you through each and every step, you can create the perfect kitchen on a shoestring budget.

If you crunch the numbers and come up with a budget for the project, search online for local kitchen renovation contractors and make a few enquiries. If your budget is realistic, the contractor would likely be able to work within your budget.

Veejay’s renovations are a great way to upgrade your kitchen and increase the value of your home.

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