Tips to Buy a Chandelier

The right chandelier can easily transform any space in your house with undeniable design and glimmering light. Whether you want to add a character to a room in your house, or looking for a lighting fixture to grace your foyer, or set a perfect tone in your dining room, chandeliers are the classic choice for creating a big impression.

In today’s time, contemporary, modern and transitional styles offer a great array of fixture designs. But still people find it quite difficult to choose the perfect chandelier for their room or living area.

In addition to materials, style, there are a variety of other factors to consider before selecting your perfect chandelier, including light output, dimming options, type of light output, and more.

These are some great tips to buy a perfect chandelier:

  • Style your room

It does not matter, whether you choose modern luxe, vintage inspired or something in between, consider the style of your place and what kind of message you are trying to convey to your visitor with your chandelier choice.

It can be simple and elegant, or a show stopper, you have to see how well it goes with the interior of that room. You can even look for stunning black chandelier, to follow a moodier and deeper colour palette.

If your room is of architectural interest- something classic, traditional and elegant will compliment perfectly. On the other hand, if it is modern in design, you can think of adding more bling to make a statement.

  • 3 things to consider before buying a chandelier
  1. Brightness level- The ideal lumen count for a lighting in a dining room or any other room – is decided by the space’s footage. In order to have a proper distribution of light, a chandelier might not be the sole source of ambient light arrangement in a space, but mostly be the primary one.
  2. Position- In an interior space where you hang a chandelier, the position of the chandelier must be centred as far as possible. As it adds these things- aesthetic, general light and symmetry to your space where it is installed.
  3. Installation height- In a dining area, a chandelier should be installed approximately 30 inches above your dining table, so that people seated around it, are able to see each other and light will not glare in their eyes.

  • Office chandelier

A beautifully-lit workspace is important for everyday productivity, and as you know chandeliers provide ample illumination. No one wants a work place which feels stuffy. The right light fixture can not only make your work station conducive to creativity but energizing too. Buy a chandelier with multi-bulb style and place it directly above your desk for plenty of flair as well as ample lighting.

Nowadays, there are many options for chandeliers, but if you know what kind of style suits your space, it is much easier to buy one. Ivory and Deene, is one of the best companies, dealing in an exclusive range of chandeliers. Their chandeliers are designed to transform your living space in the most luxurious ways.

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