Things to Take Note for a Leaking Toilet

A toilet leakage can disrupt your daily routine and become a frustrating problem if left unresolved for extended periods. If a toilet leak is left unresolved, it could lead to the loss of money due to the waste of water,additionally it is very environmentally unfriendly. Toilet leaks can occur on both the internal and external sides of a toilet.

Exterior: When the exterior of a toilet bowl is leaking, it can cause water damages to the surrounding area.

Interior: If the leaks occur on the interior side of the toilet bowl, there are two problems, which are consistent flowing of water dripping noises. These two problems could be a result of a misalignment between the flush valve and assembly. Occasionally, these occurrences would direct water into the overflow valve and always fill up the water tank.

Hence, users need to identify a possible leak and rectify the issue as soon as possible. These are the five possible causes of toilet leakages:

  1. Always Check, Don’t Assume

It is imperative to check on the condition of your toilet bowl before consulting or trying to fix anything. High humidity in bathrooms is a common occurrence due to hot water and condensation in the environment. Condensation can create an illusion of your toilet bowl leaking when it is in perfect working condition.

  1. Physical Damages on The Toilet Bowl or Water Tank

Most toilet bowls are designed and built to be durable. However, damages like cracks can form over time due to wear and tear or damage accidents. Do take note of minor cracks such as hairline cracks that can be resolved to prevent more serious consequences from occurring.

  1. Rusted Means Untrusted

Rusty pipelines can be a possible cause for water leakage to occur. Many reasons contribute to the pipelines rusting which are why checks and maintenance are so crucial to prevent water leakages. Rust will disintegrate your pipelines, causing cracks to form or result in a pipe bursting. When it has reached this stage, the damage and repair work would be severe and cumbersome for you to resolve on your own.

  1. Wear and Tear on the Base Seal

If the concentration of water always appears at the base of the toilet bowl, then a possible cause might be a faulty seal between the ground and the base seal. It is easy to identify these issues depending on the severity of the faulty seal. After clearing the leaked water, the identification of the leaking point is importantfor rectifying the issue.

  1. Part Damages Between The Water Tank & Toilet Bowl

Just as any wear and tear issues, the condition of all parts of the toilet bowl and water tank are important. Good parts ensure the functionality and structural integrity between these two components of a flushing system. If any parts were to loosen or break, it could cause a potential leak in the toilet bowl.

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