The Future is Now: Top Sustainable House Design Trends for the Year Ahead

What’s coming up in the future of home design? With the rise of sustainability efforts and interests worldwide, you can expect that trend to come through in the construction and home design world.

But what does sustainable house design look like? Are we entering a new future of sustainable and “green” homes?

We have a few ideas of what’s to come. Keep reading for some sustainable house design trends that you can expect to encounter in 2021.

Concrete? Yes, Really

While concrete isn’t a new thing, it’s going to be used more often with sustainability in mind. But why?

Concrete is a great building material. It’s often created from local ingredients and sources, minimizing the need for transportation and the associated pollutants. It also uses recycled harmful byproducts to reduce waste.

When used in homes, concrete is great for insulation, lowering heating and cooling costs, and light-colored concrete in place of asphalt helps to prevent the heat island effect.

Getting Smart

Smart homes are no longer things of the future. They’re on the rise, and constantly making advancements.

But how do they help with sustainability efforts?

Smart homes give homeowners the ability to control all of their important utilities from anywhere inside or outside of the home. They’re able to use lighting that dims and turn lights off completely when they’re not in the room. They can use less heat or air, and they don’t have the clutter and waste of several small smart devices working together.

In 2021, we’ll see more smart homes.

Going Small

While the tiny home trend is in full swing, we expect it to continue (though on a “smaller” scale). Homes won’t all be quite as tiny as the popularized van-sized abodes, but they will be smaller and more green than standard homes.

People like the idea of increased mobility and lowered costs. They also like the potential to live off the grid, and it’s easier to do so when they get a tiny home built for them in their area of choice.

These homes consume less energy and materials by default.

Repurposed Materials

More and more builders are going to be using repurposed materials for their new builds.

There are a few ways to go about this. After a home is destroyed, or items are replaced, the materials go to waste. In the quest for sustainability, more builders are going to take these materials to cut costs without cutting quality. Used materials aren’t lower-quality than new ones, and they’re better quality than cheap alternatives.

It’s also growing more popular to have homes made from shipping containers for those who truly wish to go green, but we think there are a few years left before this trend picks up.

Sustainable House Design Is Here

We’re moving into an era of more sustainable house design. Educated buyers want homes that don’t hurt the environment, and builders are there to fill that need. We’re beyond the simple solar panels of 2020, and we’re taking sustainability to new levels.

Are you ready to keep up?

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