Spain for pensioners: best vacation and accommodation

Retirement for most people is an opportunity to start a new life. That is why this is such an anticipated event. Many pensioners go on trips around the countries, looking for new experiences and creating memories. Someone decides to change their place of residence at all. One of the most favorable places to retire is Spain. The source – – explained why this is so and told about the features of the country that attract foreigners so much

Why Spain?

According to a report by British analysts, Spain occupies a leading position in providing comfortable conditions and well-being for pensioners. In the course of the study, 30 countries of the world were compared, each of which has a strong economy and resources, but it was Spain and its capital, Madrid, that led the top of the best.

Spain tops the list of countries with the most favorable conditions for retirement. There are a few main reasons:

  • The longest retirement period is 22 years;
  • One of the highest longevity rates in the world is 85 years;
  • Pension payments are close to 84% of a citizen’s salary before retirement;
  • High level of healthcare;

Retirement age and average life expectancy in Spain

In Spain, an important indicator of a high level of well-being was a combination of factors, among which: excellent climatic and environmental conditions, a strong economy, a developed health system.

In addition to Spain, the countries with the most comfortable conditions for retirement are: Italy, Greece, Austria and Luxembourg. The average retirement age is 63 years with an average longevity of 80 years. Pension payments in Luxembourg, Greece, Austria and Italy reach 90% of the salary level of a citizen before retirement. In Spain it is 84%, in Greece it is 50%.

The best city in Spain for pensioners

The city with the most favorable living conditions for pensioners is Madrid. All conditions have been created here for comfortable rest, leisure and health improvement of citizens of retirement age.

At the moment, about 1,000,000 pensioners live here. About 340,000 citizens are over 65 years old and the corresponding retirement period is 22.3 years.

The similar indicators are recorded in the following cities:

* Paris – 22.3 years;

* Athens – 21.9 years;

* Rome – 21.6 years;

* Luxembourg – 21.2 years;

* Brussels – 21.1 years.

Real estate in Spain for pensioners

The range of real estate in Spain is amazing. There are many interesting locations with stunning views, convenient infrastructure and affordable transport. You can buy real estate in Spain from EUR 20,000 – EUR 50,000. In addition to the basic advantages for living, a property in Spain has a high profitability, which allows you to receive a stable rental income and benefit from resale.

Buying a property in Spain

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