Seven Vital Lawn Care Tips

Healthy, well-manicured lawns are beautiful but sometimes difficult to maintain. While there are a number of established companies who provide lawn care in tinton falls nj, here are seven vital tips any homeowner can follow to keep a beautifully maintained lawn on their own.

Get Plenty of Air, Water and Nutrients to the Roots

A healthy lawn needs plenty of air, water and nutrients. When a lawn has weeds, moss or is covered by thatch and leaves, then air, water and nutrients are unable to penetrate the soil and nourish the roots.

For a healthy and well-maintained lawn, weeds, moss, thatch and leaves need to be removed. Weeds can be pulled out of the ground by hand or sprayed with a minimally toxic weed spray. Moss, leaves and thatch need to be raked up and removed from the lawn.

Make Sure Water is Properly Absorbed by the Soil

Too much moss is a sign that grass is inadequately nourished and, therefore, not growing well because of excessive shade or thatch, lack of rain, poor lawn drainage or soil that contains an abundance of clay.

If the problem is too much clay in the soil, the solution can either be to switch out the plants with those that grow well in clay-rich soil or to progressively mix organic matter in with the current soil.

If the problem is the slope of the lawn, installing a drain or moving the gutters might be the answer.

Poke Some Holes into the Ground

Every few years, it is important for the lawn, soil and roots to breathe. Poking holes in the ground, or aeration, makes it easier for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots.

Cover the Lawn with Seeds

Every year the lawn needs to be saturated with a mix of seeds and fertilizer. This needs to be done after the weeds, thatch and moss have been removed and the lawn has been mowed and completely watered.

The seed and fertilizer mix will help to fill in areas of the lawn where grass is no longer growing and decrease the chance of moss and weeds growing in its place.

Mow the Grass and Trim the Edges

Only one third of the length of the grass needs to be cut when mowing the lawn. This means because grass grows more frequently in the summer than the fall and spring, the amount of mowing that is necessary depends on the time of year.

The lawn’s borders and edges should be trimmed after mowing.

Provide the Grass with Plenty of Food, Fertilizer and Water

Twice a year the lawn needs to be fed grass feeds and fertilizers readily available from lawn care and garden stores. The type of grass food and fertilizer for lawn care in tinton fall nj depends on the type of soil in the yard and current weather conditions. It is important to closely follow the directions on the product.

As a rule, lawns need fertilizers with a good amount of phosphate and potash in the Fall and lawn feed containing plenty of nitrogen in the Spring.

Watering the lawn is also extremely important. The amount of water necessary for each lawn depends on the type of soil and local weather, but it works best to do it early in the morning before it gets too hot outside.

Top Dressing the Lawn

Applying topdressing for lawn care in tinton falls nj can enrich the soil, reduce the accumulation of thatch and smooth over any unattractive spots in the yard.

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