Relocating to Bangkok: What you Should Know

If you are a digital nomad and you are looking for an exotic destination to live, Bangkok is one of the favourite locations for those who work online, mainly due to the low cost of living and hi-end accommodation that this unique city offers. Prior to actually making the move to live and work in Bangkok, you are advised to spend a month in the city, which will give you time to get the feel of this sprawling city, and let’s not forget, you are only a few hours from tropical paradise beaches.

Checking Out the City

If you rent long-term stay accommodation in Ekkamai, Bangkok, this will allow you to travel to different areas of the city, with a view to choosing a district where you will reside. There are some amazing condo developments in the city and you are never far from well-manicured parks and gardens, for that essential nature. The BTS Skytrain is the cheapest and most convenient form of transport, which runs to most areas of the city, plus they are many green and yellow taxis that are cheap when compared to the west.


If you are coming for a short holiday to check out Bangkok, you can apply for a tourist visa in your home country, which is valid for 60 days, plus you can extend for a further 30 days if you wish. Long-term visas are available, if you are over 50, you can apply for a retirement visa, which is renewed annually, other options include studying Buddhism, the Thai language, and you can even get a visa to study Muay Thai. Most countries can receive a 30-day visa on arrival, and this can be extended a further 14 days.

Cheap High-Speed Internet

The digital nomad buys a 4G sim that gives unlimited downloads, and this costs around $30 per month. You can simply hotspot from your phone, which gives you Internet wherever you are. All condo complexes have free Wi-Fi for residents, as do the coffee shops that make for great communal workspace.

Medical Insurance

It can be very expensive if you require hospital treatment in Thailand, so you are advised to take out some form of comprehensive health insurance for the duration of your stay. Bangkok is a safe city that has much to offer the foreigner, with the best street food in the world and when you are not working, you can visit some of the famous attractions that Bangkok is home to.

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