Reasons To Love Suffolk Virginia

Suffolk, Virginia, covers more land than any other city in Virginia. Despite its large area, Suffolk has the feel of a small town. This may be due to the 8,000 acres of lakes, where you can ride bikes, rent boats or just hike around the many public trails. This may also be due to the slightly humid climate that makes you feel like lounging under a tree with an ice-cold ice tea. But Suffolk is home to over 90,000 people. The people of Suffolk are welcoming and diverse which matches the varied landscape and the history of the area.

The Land

The most impressive part of the countryside in Suffolk has to be the Great Dismal Swamp. This area, part of the National Wildlife Refuge, once covered over a million acres. It is home to an impressive number of bird and butterfly species along with 47 different mammals. There are also 6,300 acres of marsh and five different forest types. The beautiful Lake Drummond occupies 112 thousand acres of the refuge and has countless trails and opportunities for outdoor exploration.

Once out of the wildlife refuge, there are urban and rural areas of Suffolk. The citizens live in anything from condos to single-family homes with a median price of around $330,000. Land for sale in Suffolk VA is also readily available for those who want to build their dream house in this thriving community.

The People

If you are looking for a varied community of people, Suffolk is the place. The city is between 40% and 50% white, black, married, single, Democrat and Republican. The variety of cultures can be seen in its assortment of restaurants. In Suffolk, you can get anything from Indian to Jamaican food, and of course Southern specialties. For those seeking out some culture, you can check out the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts and many of the unique art studios.

The History

Suffolk was founded in 1742. Constant’s Warf on the Nansemond River was a major trading center known for transporting tobacco and peanuts. This area is still used today for outdoor festivals, concerts and many other community activities. Planters Peanuts was founded in Suffolk in the 1920s by an Italian family, the Obici’s. Their historical mansion can still be toured today or rented out for special events.

Suffolk, Virginia, is the best of both worlds. Its varied culture and laid back pace make it the perfect place to live or visit. If you decide to visit, you will find a little bit of everything and everything you could possibly need.

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