New Season, New Decor: Autumn Home Design Ideas

Autumn is just around the corner. Given the change in seasons, homeowners should do their best to reflect that change inside their house.

Transforming interior spaces for fall can be difficult. Although using a fun but kitschy autumn decor is tempting, homeowners should make better and more thoughtful decoration choices. This way, the interior decor won’t look forced or out of place. What’s more, the right decoration helps add warmth and beauty to the home.

Are you ready to “fall-ify” your house? Consider these 13 creative home design ideas once autumn arrives:

  1. Consider Wooden-Themed Wallpaper

An excellent way to welcome fall in your home is to decorate your walls with log-inspired wallpaper. Look for high-quality, contemporary wallpaper with log or firewood patterns or colors.

  1. Create an Accent Wall

An alternative to wallpaper is getting a fresh coat of paint and producing an accent wall. If your rooms have small nooks, consider painting with browns and greens to give the living space an earthy aura.

  1. Use Statement Artwork that Screams Autumn

You’ll want your works of art (especially ones that take up a huge part of the visual real estate) to exude fall. Instead of settling for a picture of an ordinary flower vase, replace it with an intricate mandala flower artwork that highlights the colors of autumn, such as yellow, orange, and brown.

  1. Redecorate the Floating Shelves in Your Kitchen

These shelves allow you to display fall decor in a task-centric space. Given that you’ll have some necessary kitchen supplies out in the open, you should make sure that the decorations you place on the shelves are seasonally relevant. If you have floating wooden shelves, for instance, introduce decors like brown mugs, yellow plates, and brass utensils.

  1. Use Seasonal Candles

Your eyes aren’t the only way to enjoy the autumn vibe. Smell plays an important role in influencing your mood. When decorating your home, light up seasonal candles that make you feel warm, comfortable, and ready for the cold months ahead.

  1. Transform Your Home Office

The ongoing global health crisis has pushed many employees to work from home and create a mini-office in their living spaces. If you have a home office, you could give it some fall flair and help motivate you to do more at work. Apart from keeping your desk organized, add playful vases and elegant lighting that remind you of the new season.

  1. Hang Festive Wreaths

Not sure what to do with the bland walls in the rest of your home? Dress them up with wreaths. Incorporate fall vibes into these spaces by hanging a wreath filled with fall elements, such as corn cobs, delicious golden apples, and autumn flowers.

  1. Showcase Warm and Heavy Fabrics

The texture is important when decorating for the fall. Since the temperature in autumn gets cold, you’ll want heavy and warm fabrics to cozy up your living spaces. If your sofa still has those light and summery throw pillows, swap them out with pillows made using faux fur or leather.

  1. Create a Warm-Looking Carpet

If your rug has seen better days, replace it with patterned carpeting that showcases autumn colors like red, brown, and orange. It’s an effective way to breathe life to your boring or dull floors.

  1. Let There Be More Lamps

The days during autumn are short. Given this, you’ll want to brighten up your living spaces with lamps. Use the soft glow from the lamps to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room.

  1. Bust Out the Extra Blankets

If you have spare blankets lying around, now’s a good time to bring them out and use them as your fall decoration. You could place them on your sofas. If you have a crate or a storage box, store these blankets inside the box and position it near one of your sofas.

  1. Paint Your Pumpkins

Orange isn’t the only color that’s suitable for pumpkins. White works, as well. You could paint your gourds using white nail polish. Then, feel free to use that white pumpkin as a blank canvas. Draw leaves, flowers, and anything that resembles the beauty of fall.

  1. Create an Autumn Chandelier

If you’re hosting an outdoor fall event in your backyard or garden, consider making a chandelier. Instead of using light fixtures, opt for autumn flowers or foliage. Then, frame that chandelier using big garden light bulbs.

Take note of these 13 autumn design ideas to turn your house into a fall oasis. When you’re decorating for fall, make sure you get items that give you the most bang for your buck. Also, your decor need not be holiday-specific. Just see to it that the decorations look fantastic in various celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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