Licenses for installing cameras

These days it has become more and more common to install a few cameras around your house, your office or anywhere you find necessary. When installing a security system by using cameras, it might be useful to manage these in one place and add more camera’s whenever you want to. This is possible with a Synology surveillance station license. The recordings of your security cameras are valuable assets to you, but only when used in the right way. The surveillance station offers you the tools to do so. It allows you to use the software in an intuitive and easy to navigate way, you can easily find your recordings, search for them and analyse them. It’s also possible for iOS and Android users to download the software on their phone so you can always monitor everything.

Synology offers various license packs that you can order online and receive right away in your inbox. You can buy them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When buying a surveillance station license, it is important to buy from an authorized online reseller and not use an illegal hack to install the software. Curious to know why? Then keep on reading.

The importance of legal Synology licenses
One of the most important reasons as to why you should only use legal licenses, are the updates. Synology continuously provides you with updates that improve the surveillance station software. One of these updates made sure that an online activation is required when you add a new Synology camera license to your software. By doing this, they made sure that any shared, cracked, hacked or generated license key is easily spotted and marked invalid by the Synology activation server. To avoid software license problems its important to only buy your keys from registered Synology partners like Innocam. It’s tempting to use a hacked, cracked or generated license or serial, but it comes with great risks. For example, when you do not buy from authorized resellers, it’s possible that your workspace gets deactivated without a notice for when the newest updates get installed. Save yourself the trouble and buy your license packs from Innocam, an authorized online Synology reseller.

Buying a Synology license
If you buy a Synology surveillance system license at Innocam, they give you the option to pick between three packs. For instance, you can buy a license for one camera, which needless to say lets you install one camera, but you can also buy four packs or eight packs. With this option it’s easy to add more cameras to your security system in a legal way. They’ll send you the license code through e-mail and you will be able to use this right away. You can take a look at the Innocam website and learn more about their Synology camera licenses.

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