Leaking Air Ducts: Things Homeowners Need To Know!

HVAC units can often have a bunch of problems, which may increase your energy bills considerably during the summer months. Most homeowners think that it is a problem with the unit itself, and that could be true too. However, upgrading your HVAC system immediately shouldn’t the first response.  The best idea is to get a competent repair service to check the issue, and it could be something as simple as air duct leak. Leaking air ducts can impact the performance of your cooling unit considerably, primarily because the HVAC system has to work extra hard to keep the room clean. This, in turn, can obviously increase your energy bills.

Why should you care about leaky air ducts?

The first problem with leaky air ducts is increased energy bills. Your HVAC unit will have to work extensively to keep the room cool, and considering that fixing leaky air ducts can doesn’t take a lot of effort, you don’t want to pay for those inflated bills for months. One of the other aspects that homeowners don’t think about leaky air ducts is air quality. Dust, contaminants and mold can actually make way into the room and would be circulated through the leaky air ducts, which can further cause health problems. If air ducts are not fixed in time, the pressure on HVAC system for better cooling increases considerably, and that would also increase the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

How can you fix leaky air ducts?

Do NOT attempt to fix the HVAC unit or leaky air ducts on your own, unless you have specific experience with this. Call one of the repair services, and they will send their experts, who will take a look at the ductwork and find possible issues. The thermostat will be working as the professionals check for air duct issues. In most cases, flex connections are to be blamed, so the fixing usually involves tightening and double checking. In some cases, the leaks can be hard to find, for which the repairmen may choose to create extra pressure by sealing air registers. Further sealing of air ducts may be required to ensure that the problem doesn’t arise again in near future.

Sealing leaky air ducts doesn’t have to cost a bomb, especially if you consider repairs and maintenance of the HVAC unit. Call a professional company and get an estimate for the job to get started!

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