Install Insect Screens and Keep Your Restaurant Thriving This Summer

If you are into the restaurant business, then summer would be the busiest season of the year. Your restaurant will be welcoming many customers and many uninvited guests also. No matter how clean your restaurant is, flies are sure to find their way into your guest list.

Common Types of Flies and How Insect Screens Come to the Rescue

Flies, no matter what type are a nuisance for everyone. There are many types that you might come across, but of course, you might not be able to distinguish all of them.

Some of the common types of flies that you can see hovering inside your restaurant are:

  • Fruit Flies – Can be seen on decayed or overripe fruits or vegetables. Can transmit E.coli, salmonella, and listeria
  • Blow Flies – Can be found hovering around decaying meat or feces. Can cause diarrhoea, typhoid, and cholera
  • House Flies – Commonly found on all types of food items. Can cause lots of viral, fungal, and bacterial infections
  • Phorid Flies – Can be found on moist or decomposing food items from drains. Can cause bacterial infections
  • Drain Flies – Can be found in damp areas, especially drains. Can contaminate food and spread bacteria

Insect screens are your best bet when it comes to keeping flies at bay. These screens cover the opening of your windows and prevent flies, mosquitoes, bugs, debris, and leaves from entering your restaurant. You get these in different styles and designs which you can choose as per your preference.

When it comes to commercial fly screens, you can check with companies such as Premier Screens Ltd, headquartered at Accrington in North England, and London in South England. Their team of screen experts will help you choose the right insect screen as per your window sizes. They even have good quality cut to size kits that can be easily assembled and installed in your restaurant premises.

Keeping Pesky Insects at Bay

Flies infestation is not good for your restaurant. Firstly, it can annoy guests looking to have a peaceful dine-in experience. They will not like flies lingering on or over your food, thereby gathering negative reviews for your business.

The best place to nip the bud in its roots is by examining your restaurant. If you have any moist or damp places in your restaurant, get them repaired. Keep all fruits and vegetables in closed containers. Have the pest control department check your restaurant and offer the right sanitization method.

In addition to installing fly screens, you might want to take the below precautionary methods to keep flies at bay:

  • Ensure that your restaurant is clean and tidy
  • Food vessels and dishes are washed regularly
  • Floors are mopped regularly
  • Trash is disposed of on an everyday basis
  • Trash cans and dumpsters are kept closed at all times
  • Using disinfectants while cleaning tables and chairs
  • Keep the kitchen and pantry clean
  • Inspecting the food shipments that come in for insects
  • All food items must be closed at all times


Installing insect screens for your restaurant can curb infestation at the initial stages. You also need to practice safe hygiene and keep your restaurant and surrounding areas clean at all intervals.

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