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How to Start a Delivery Service: A Guide

According to recent research, consumers are willing to pay up to 11% more to get things on-demand. It should come as no surprise that food, furniture, and one-day item delivery services are growing in an era where people value convenience more than ever before.

That’s why learning how to start a delivery service is a lucrative and worthwhile endeavor. Read on to grow professionally in an industry with high levels of demand and growth!

How to Start a Delivery Service by Gathering Information

Before you can open a delivery service, you’ll need to do some research on what you need. Decide what you plan to deliver to your customers based on what you think you’re able to obtain and deliver.

If you want to begin a service similar to UberEats and have drivers pick up food to deliver, you won’t require any stock. However, if you want to deliver books or another item that your company is directly selling, you will need to have items ready for order and delivery in your office space.

Make sure that you research the specific requirements for what your business needs. There may also be legal licensing that you need to get before operating, so find out what laws your state has surrounding delivery services, contractors, and businesses in general.

Gather Equipment and Employees

Once you know what you’re going to deliver and what licenses you need, you can begin to gather the equipment that you need to get started. This primarily means finding an office space in which to meet and collaborate with other employees. You may need to find power units for sale to ensure that your space has electricity for your employees to thrive in.

Speaking of employees, it’s important that you find people to work for your business. Find those who have licenses and well-maintained cars so they can deliver to employees quickly, efficiently, and reliably. These employees also should have a background check conducted to ensure that there is no history of crime (especially DUIs).

You also will want to hire some people who are knowledgeable about business operations. These people can help you to run the business end of your delivery service including customer relations, accounting, and creating goal-oriented plans for your startup.

Create an Online Presence

To get the word of your business out there, you’ll need to set up a website before opening up your doors. Create an official website that incorporates a lot of visual aids, graphics, and video content. 73% of people are more likely to use a service after seeing a video about its benefits, so this is something you definitely want to invest in.

You also should set up a page on multiple social media platforms. Since 3.6 billion people use social media regularly, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are surefire ways to connect with your audience. Make sure to frequently update on multiple sites and link them together for greater visibility.

Begin Your Operations

Once you set up an online presence, it’s time to begin your operations. Congratulations!

The journey towards a successful business is still not over, however, so don’t relax too much. You need to form connections with businesses whose products you will be delivering. Reach out to retailers in your area and gain permission to deliver their products to consumers. Depending on your location, you may need to enter into written contracts with these retailers.

As your business grows over time, it’s critical that you assess and reassess its needs. Make sure that you can adapt to changing needs and to new information as it arises.

Do you need to hire more people? Keep some money in your budget just in case. Do you get no business in part of the area you operate in and see high demand in another area? You may want to change the locations to which you deliver.

There’s no one single way to grow a business, but looking into your market and getting all of the information possible is a great way to begin.

Make Connections Through Marketing

The best way to expand your business is via multiple marketing platforms. Advertising on social media is a great way to reach your audience. It’s a pretty simple process since you should have already set up pages on multiple platforms.

On Twitter, you should just pin a post with the most relevant information to your business. Use hashtags so that people in your target audience will see the Tweet and ensure that it is easily accessible. You also will want to include links to other, more detailed pages such as the ‘about’ section of your webpage or a place where people can contact you.

Facebook has its own advertising platform where you can enter the demographics that you most want to reach. This includes the gender, age, and occupation of the audience that you want to target your ads to. It will show your ads to these people until your allotted budget runs out and you need to renew it.

You also will want to set up a direct email list for those who are interested in your services. These customers can include people who have signed up for a mailing list, those who follow you on social media, and those who have used similar services before. Send out exclusive offers and watch as you get more business!

Get Cracking!

While there are many different business types that you could start up, nothing will make bank quite like a delivery service will. It’s an industry that’s only growing in an era where people value convenience, simplicity, and comfort.

Now that you know how to start a delivery service, it’s time to find a place to set up your home base. Check out the ‘real estate’ tab on our home page to find an office space where your delivery innovations and marketing team can set up shop. In this space, you can grow and expand your delivery service to something that many people in your area will use, so get started ASAP!

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