How to Organise a Shed

Sheds can be an extremely useful addition to any household, being used for a host of different reasons. Despite this, they often get overloaded with junk or random items from your home, leading to a very unorganised space. Not only does organising a shed help in allowing you to use the full potential of the space, but it’ll also open up new possibilities for storage and allow you to find that specific tool or piece of equipment you’re looking for in a flash. This article is designed at helping you to organise your shed, providing some key tips to keep in mind before getting to work.

What purpose does your shed serve?

The first question you need to ask yourself before outfitting your new shed is what purpose does your shed serve and what type of equipment is likely to be filling up most of the space. The answer to this question will become the basis of how you organise your shed. For example, if you’re using your shed as a storage space, you might want to look at installing some new shelving units. If it’s more of a tool shed, thinking about grouping together similar tools on magnetic strips might be a simple organisation tip.

How to make the most of your shed space

If you’re looking for how to make the most of your brand new shed, you can organise your shed with these 4 simple ideas.

  1. Build a small workbench so that you have a clear surface where you can work or stand at. This can be a great place to store small tools underneath the workbench, or just above it with a small magnetic strip. Similarly, you might want to hang a pegboard above the benchtop to free up more floor space and hang some frequently used items at arm’s reach.
  1. Think about implementing solid storage ideas as part of organising your shed. For example, you might have a big comic book or magazine collection that you want to store in the shed. Installing some metal storage racks can give you optimum space to store boxes of your collection safely and securely. These can be freestanding shelves so that you can rearrange or reorganise the layout of your shed whenever you’d like.
  1. Another essential organisation idea is to label your boxes or different areas of your shed. In doing this you can start grouping similar ideas together, making finding a specific piece of equipment or item much simpler and quicker. This will save you the hassle of frantically throwing everything around as you attempt to find that small little screwdriver you need for the job.
  1. Lastly, cleaning your shed regularly will help you to get rid of any old, broken or unwanted items so they don’t begin to build up in the space. You’ll be surprised at how much you can throw away or recycle each time you jump in for another cleanout session.

Finding your perfect shed

If you’re without a shed and want to make use of all the benefits that a shed can have at home, make sure you search around for the best sheds in Perth to set yourself up. You’ll be able to get some insight on the whole process, from the laying of the concrete slab to the last little bits of construction. Don’t forget that shed organisation is a continuous process, so be sure to regularly get stuck into your shed to stay on top of things!

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