How to Choose the Best Mulcher for Your Landscaping Job

There are more than 500,000 landscaping companies operating throughout the U.S. right now. In order to be successful, these companies need to have access to all the right landscaping equipment.

It’s important for them to be able to get their hands on things like lawnmowers, weed whackers, and hedge clippers. But it’s also important for them to be able to use the best mulcher in the business when necessary.

What is a mulcher? It’s a piece of equipment that allows a landscaper to cut through the vegetation found on any piece of property and turn it into mulch. It’s a great piece of equipment to have around since it helps to make a property look better while also helping to improve its appearance in the future.

If you’re the owner of a landscaping company and you don’t have a mulcher right now, you should seek to change that right away. The answer to the question, “Do I need a mulcher?”, is always a resounding “yes!”

Here is how to choose a mulcher that will help you finish off any landscaping job.

Decide How You’re Going to Use a Mulcher

When you’re first trying to figure out how to choose a mulcher, you should sit down and think about all the different ways in which you’re going to use it. That will help you inch closer to settling on one mulcher over all the rest.

There are some mulchers out there that are specifically designed to be used on residential properties. There are also others, like this skid steer mulcher, that are made to be used during large-scale commercial projects.

The last thing you want to do is buy a mulcher that’s going to be either too big or too small for your intended purposes. It’s why you should think long and hard about how you’re going to use a mulcher prior to pulling the trigger on one and purchasing it.

Figure Out If You Want to Buy a New or Used Mulcher

When you’re in the market for the best mulcher, you’re going to have the option to purchase either a new or used one. You can decide which of these two choices will work best for you as you look around for one.

New mulchers are great for those who know that they’re going to be putting their mulcher to good use on a regular basis. You won’t have to worry about your mulcher giving out on you anytime soon when you buy it brand new.

New mulchers are usually a lot more expensive than used ones, though. Buying a used mulcher might be the right choice for a landscaping company looking for an affordable mulcher that they can use from time to time.

There are pros and cons of buying both new and used mulchers. You should educate yourself on the advantages of both before settling on one over the other.

Consider How Powerful You’ll Need a Mulcher to Be

Are you going to be mulching small front yards for homeowners for the most part? Or are you going to be mulching large areas of land that used to have lots of trees on them?

Regardless of which side of the fence that you fall on, you’re going to need to invest in a mulcher that can provide you with the power that you need. There are some mulchers that only pack a little bit of power and others that are powerful enough to help knock an entire forest down!

You should evaluate how powerful a mulcher is before you even consider buying it for your next landscaping job. It needs to be powerful enough to get the job done for you but not so powerful that it’s going to be difficult for you to maneuver it around.

At the end of the day, it’s all going to depend on what you need a mulcher to do. The bigger the landscaping jobs you’re going to take on, the more powerful you’re going to need your mulcher to be.

Check Out Some of the Best Mulcher Brands

Any time you buy any piece of equipment for your landscaping company, you’re going to find that there will be a variety of manufacturers that specialize in making it. You’re going to be responsible for finding the companies that make the very best equipment so that you don’t get stuck with subpar products.

Just like with any other equipment, there are tons of mulcher brands that you’ll be able to choose from. Almost all of them will say that they’re the best mulcher brands and promise to provide you with amazing mulchers.

But once you start doing your research on the different companies, it shouldn’t take you too long to see that some will stand out from the pack. These companies will have a history of producing high-quality products for landscaping companies.

Fecon is one such company. They’ve been producing some of the best mulchers in the business for years now and can deliver a mulcher that will live up to your expectations when you shop for one through them.

Calculate What You Can Afford to Spend on a Mulcher

One of the things that you’re going to need to keep in the back of your mind at all times when it comes to buying a mulcher is cost. There are going to be lots of different price tags slapped on the sides of mulchers.

Before you start shopping around for a mulcher, it’s a good idea to come up with a budget for one. You should take a look at your landscaping company’s finances and figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend on the best mulcher.

You might also want to take a look at how much you’ll be able to charge for the services that you’ll provide with a mulcher. You might be surprised to see how much money you can make by having a mulcher on hand.

The potential income that you’ll be capable of generating with a mulcher might encourage you to buy a better mulcher in the end. It’s smart to see what a mulcher is going to be worth to your business when you’re in the market for one.

Think About the Maintenance You’ll Need to Do on a Mulcher

From the moment that you buy a mulcher, it’s going to be essential for you to do the proper maintenance on it. If you don’t maintain a mulcher the way it’s supposed to be maintained, it might not be as effective as you would like it to be when you begin using it.

Most mulchers are going to call for you to do the same general amount of maintenance on them. But there are some that are going to need more maintenance than others. There are also some that have earned a reputation for breaking down more often than others.

You should check out how much maintenance you’ll be expected to do on different mulchers. This should help you narrow down your search to just the mulchers that you’re going to be able to maintain as opposed to the ones that are going to call for you to do more maintenance than you might be comfortable doing.

Reading through the owner’s manuals for the various mulchers that you’re considering might not sound like a whole lot of fun. But it could very well pay off if you’re able to track down a mulcher that won’t need as much maintenance as others.

Contemplate How You’ll Store a Mulcher

Once you purchase a mulcher for your landscaping company, you’re going to want to start using it to complete landscaping jobs right away. But when you’re not using it, you’re going to need to store it somewhere, and you’re going to need to make sure your mulcher will fit in the storage space that you use.

Just before you start browsing through the different mulchers that are available to you, you should decide where you’re going to store the one that you eventually buy. You should also measure the space where you’re going to store it to ensure that it’s big enough to hold your mulcher.

A lot of mulchers tend to be on the larger side and take up a ton of space when they’re stored. It’s why you need to find one that’s going to fit nicely into the storage space that you use.

You might love everything that a big mulcher has to offer to your landscaping company. But if it’s too big to fit into your storage space, you’re going to end up regretting buying it. You’ll be so much better off with something that’s slightly smaller.

Read Lots of Online Reviews for a Mulcher

Prior to purchasing almost anything these days, you should always, always, always read through as many online reviews as you can for it. Online reviews have turned into a great tool for those who are in the market for most products.

By reading online reviews for something like a mulcher, you’ll be able to see what other landscaping company owners have to say about it. They’ll be able to shed some light on what kinds of jobs you’ll be able to do with it as well as what kinds of jobs a particular mulcher might struggle with.

You’ll also be able to learn all about how easy it is to maintain different types of mulchers. Online reviews for a mulcher might teach you that a mulcher isn’t anywhere near as easy to maintain as its manufacturer might lead you to believe.

Additionally, online reviews for a mulcher can help you get a feel for whether or not a mulcher is worth the price that you’re going to have to pay for it. You won’t have to worry too much about overpaying for a mulcher when you see other people saying that it’s worth every penny.

Don’t be afraid to spend an hour or so reading through online reviews for each mulcher that you’re considering. You can learn a lot about mulchers by taking this approach to shopping for one.

Try to Take a Mulcher Out for a Test Drive If You Can

You can spend as much time as you want researching mulchers online. But the best way to find out everything you need to know about them is by taking them out for a test drive whenever possible.

The next time you find yourself thinking about buying a mulcher, you should reach out to a company that sells them and see if they have any that you can test. You may be able to take one out for a spin so that you can see what it can do in person.

This is, hands down, the best way to figure out if a mulcher is going to be a good fit for you. You might love the look and feel of a mulcher when reading about it online but absolutely hate the way that it handles when you’re actually using it.

This will let you know that you need to keep on looking for the best mulcher for your landscaping business. You’ll want to try and test drive as many mulchers as you can until you land on the one that provides you with everything that you could ever want and need from it.

Invest in the Best Mulcher Money Can Buy for Your Landscaping Business

Buying the best mulcher around is going to require you to make a big investment. As a result, you shouldn’t ever rush into a decision as far as purchasing one is concerned.

You should think about everything from how you’re going to use a mulcher to what you can afford to spend on one prior to buying one. By considering all the different angles, you should put yourself in the position to purchase the best mulcher for your landscaping business.

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