How To Choose The Best Hardwood Floor Color

Installing a new hardwood floor is a major step and investment. Not only does it make your home more beautiful, but it also increases its value. Some research indicates that having dark wood flooring in your home boosts its value by 2.5%. However, you need to select the right material, expert installer, and color that matches your décor to enhance your home’s value. Though this can be daunting, this article explains to you how you can make your selection. Here are some things you need to consider:

  1. Favorite Color

Most people like having their homes beautified with their favorite colors. If you have a color in mind, it’s vital to consider it. However, if you can’t find your color, it’s best to try something new to give your home a retouch. To do this, you need to be sharp at color-matching. Some colors may clash with the color of your furniture and walls and turn you off. Darker colors are ideal for homes with lighter walls and furniture, while lighter colors can match well with darker walls and furniture. If you aren’t sure about the color of flooring to use in your home, you can ask online experts or sign up in an online community for homeowners to get more ideas.

You can also get some ideas about color from magazines and television programs like HGTV. These programs and pages can give you a wide array of colors that you can use in your home. The choices from these sources have colors designed by interior designers. These designs’ beauty is that they give you color for every room, including the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and basement.

  1. Undertones

Like wall paints, hardwood flooring colors have some undertones. Grey floors may also carry a beige undertone that makes the color warmer. An undertone from violet makes the color look cooler. Therefore, if you love a modern style, you can opt for undertones. Before selecting an undertone, it’s essential to consider your tastes and preferences. Some hardwoods have a mix of tones that blend cool grey strains with warm undertones. This is a trend that most people prefer.

However, if you don’t care about trends and styles, it’s okay to choose a hue that’ll give your home a classic look. When selecting it, ensure it flows with your home decor accessories, window treatments, and furniture. If you want to change them, buy them from a shop with a variety of floor colors and can allow you to make changes.

  1. Maintenance

Though you may love how a specific floor looks, you need to think about how you’ll maintain it. Some floors may look great in magazines but may require a lot of effort to keep pristine. If you have kids running on the floors every time, it will best to select dark variations. Lighter variations may expose every dirty mark they live on the floor. Additionally, floors made of softer wood like walnut may be well suited for low traffic areas. If you have kids, opt for harder woods like the oak, which can’t wear down quickly.

The Bottom-line

When selecting the right color for your hardwood flooring, don’t rush in making a decision. Take your time to consider your favorite color, wood undertone, and maintenance.

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