How To Choose Blinds For Your Home’s Windows?

Blinds have long been a staple in both offices and homes, particularly those that have smaller spaces. They provide many of the same benefits as curtains, blocking out direct sunlight and creating privacy. However, they differ in their simplistic style that to the eye consumes less space than that of curtains.

This is not to say that blinds are simple to the point of being dull or that they are mere commodities. Contrary to which, various types of blinds exist on the market, providing consumers with options to choose from. In this article we explore the most popular types of blinds, that being of roller, roman & venetian.

Roller Blinds – The Most Classy Option

Roller blinds are the most simple yet also the most classy of the lot. If you are looking for a single layer fabric that takes up little space and performs its function without fuss, then roller blinds are for you. Additional benefits of roller blinds include being easy to clean and having the option of having a black out lining. However, roller blinds have less flexibility in controlling the amount of light entering into a room.

Roman Blinds – The Stylish Option

Roman blinds give interesting texture options to your home. While difficult to describe in words, roman blinds can be thought of a multi-fold fabric. Each layer of the fabric covers a different part of the window. Hence, a voluminous look is created, not unlike the drapes of curtains. Roman blinds works best in British or European interior designs, complementing designs with multiple patterns and textures.

Venetian Blinds – The Famous Option

If you have ever seen a movie where a character fiddles with the blinds of the their office in order to peer out at a visitor, then you were likely looking at a venetian blind. Once let down, venetian blinds can be “opened up” to allow light to enter the room. Additionally, when opened partially at an angle, the user will be able to peer out while others outside are not afforded the opportunity to peak in. Venetian blinds allow you to exert a large amount of control over the amount of incoming light and the privacy that you wish to have. However, they can appear slightly less stylish and modern to the human eye.

Choosing The Right Blinds For You

As we have covered in the article, each type of blinds has its own pros and cons. Moreover, many varieties of these base configurations exist. The challenge of finding the perfect set of blinds for you has been made easier by their availability on the internet. Shopping for blinds online gives you the luxury of choice, being able to view the many different options from the comfort of your home. All that is needed on your part is to take manual measurements of your windows before placing your order.

Still unsure of what blinds to choose? Speak to a curtains and blinds shop today to get professional recommendations for your home.

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