Hot Tub Rules: What to Do to Ensure Safety Before You Take a Dip

Summer is over and fall has officially arrived. The temperature outside has started to drop, but that does not mean that your days of having fun has come to an end, too.

The current season is perfect for soaking in your new hot tub. However, before you spend your days and nights submerged in warm water, you should first review these safety precautions.

Caution Around Electricity

By now, you know that mixing water and electricity is a recipe for a disaster. You still need electricity to warm the water in your hot tub.

So, how do you avoid being electrocuted? 

It is important to discuss the issue with your hot tub dealers. Most hot tubs have mechanisms that will protect the user from the dangers that come with electricity.

The GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is a device that monitors for fluctuations in the power supply. As soon as it senses an anomaly, it will cut off power to prevent accidents.

Ask professionals how you can keep the risk of electrocution while using your hot tub at a minimum.

No Pet Zone

Your furry pal is not allowed to enter or be near your hot tub. While you want to go for a swim with your pup, the temperature of your hot tub might be too much for pets

Dogs do not sweat. They cool themselves by panting. If they get too hot, they might suffer from heatstroke.

Dogs that have short snouts (pugs and bulldogs) should be extra careful around hot tubs because they cannot cool themselves by panting, and they are not very good swimmers.

It is best that you leave your pup out of and away from your new hot tub.

Pregnant Women Not Allowed

If your partner or friend is pregnant, it might be safer for them to just watch from afar. Dipping in a hot tub poses certain health risks to pregnant women and their developing babies.

The temperature in a hot tub can go as much as 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). It raises the internal body temperature of anyone in it. If a pregnant woman stays in a hot tub for even just a couple of minutes, it could lead to the baby having birth defects.

In addition, the hot and moist environment is the breeding ground for pathogens. Better to stay away from hot tubs in the meantime.

Install Handrails

The area surrounding the hot tub can become wet and slippery very quickly. This, too, can cause serious injuries.

As an extra safety precaution, install handrails around the hot tub to let the people using it get in and out of the water while minimizing the risk of falls.

Adding non-slip mats would also decrease the possibility of accidents. 

Consult Your Doctor

Before you get a hot tub, you may want to get the go-ahead from your doctor first. This is especially important if you have diabetes, low blood pressure, or other medical conditions. If you are taking medicines, you should also ask a professional if it is okay for you to soak in a hot tub.

You should also avoid getting into a hot tub on your own and in extended periods of time. Wait for a companion to make sure that you will be safe while you enjoy the warm water on a cool fall day.

Getting a hot tub is a wise investment. It is an excuse to throw a party and hang out with your friends. It is also a great way to relax. Just follow these safety precautions to ensure that you enjoy a spa experience at home.

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