Going Green On Your Next Building

Green building, or sustainable building, can be described as applying environmentally conscious, resource-friendly processes and systems throughout a building’s life cycle without sacrificing economic efficiency and viability. It is done to promote sustainability and reduce pollution, thus minimizing the risk to the environment and human health.

The demand for sustainable building and local engineering firm Dallas that practices eco-friendliness is rising in today’s societal landscape. If you are looking to build green, here are a few green engineering solutions that you can consider:

Sustainable construction materials

At any construction site, there is substantial consumption of resources. By integrating recycled or biodegradable materials, one can reduce the waste generated in the process and air pollution. Some steps that can be taken in this regard are:

Use natural paint

Natural paints are devoid of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Such paints decompose without contaminating the earth and also help eliminate indoor air pollution.

Use steel beams

Replacing wooden beams with steel beams that are made from recycled metals serves two purposes:

  • Prevents wood, a valuable natural resource, from further exhaustion
  • Offers more resilience towards extreme weather conditions

Zero-energy buildings

Constructing buildings that function independently of the electric grid is possible. Buildings designed and engineered to operate using only renewable resources like wind and sun are called zero-energy buildings.

To design such buildings, one can use solar power systems to turn the intense rays from the sun into usable energy. The system consists of a solar panel array, an inverter, and other electrical hardware. Photovoltaic (PV) cells found on the solar panels convert the sunlight to DC (direct current), which is then converted into AC (alternating current) by the inverter. The AC is then sent to the electric panel, giving you the required energy to power your building.

Low emissivity coatings and smart windows

About 30% of air conditioning and heating is lost through windows. To prevent this, low emissivity coatings and smart windows are relatively new but great options. But how do they help?

  • Low-E coating acts as a reflector for long-wave heat (infrared) energy. During the cooler months, when the heat tries to escape through windows, the Low-E coating will reflect heat energy inside, reducing the energy required to maintain the set thermostat.
  • Low-E coating also works in the hotter months. When the heat tries to infiltrate indoors during the summer, the coating blocks the heat, prevents it from transferring inside, and keeps the interior brighter and cooler.


When the application of green engineering solutions to your building is your concern, partnering with a local engineering firm Dallas that has the same dedication towards sustainability is essential for the smooth flow of the project.

Falkofske Engineering solutions combine a commercial approach, technical eminence, and creative thinking tailored to the client’s distinctive objectives. We deliver healthy, attractive, fit-for-purpose environments that add significant value through reduced energy and natural resource demand, enhanced user well-being, improved performance, and higher market values.

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