Get to Know About the New Generation Smart Homes and Its Dynamics

We are in the golden age of technological advancement. Just like how the leap from corded phones to smart phones was huge, the birth of smart homes in 2010 was seen as a huge advancement. Smart home automation allows a homeowner to control appliances and basic home systems from a remote point such as a centralized unit inside a home or smart phone app. Minimal or no human intervention is required when using home automation.

How does it work?

The automation system is a network consisting of hardware, communication and other electronic interfaces that controls everyday devices using internet.

The three main components of automation system are:

  • Sensors: These are used in detecting changes in motion, temperature and light.
  • Controller: They are the devices that send and receive messages regarding status of automated features.
  • Actuators: They control the mechanism of automation system. Example: Light switches and motors. They are programmed in such a way that they are activated when a controller sends message/signal from a remote point.

Common features available:

  • Remote lighting control
  • Thermostat control
  • Appliance control
  • Live video surveillance
  • Alarm system
  • Keyless entry

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  • Comfort: Connecting all the technology in your home through one interface is highly convenient. You’ll only be required to learn to operate a smart phone app using which you can perform so many functions.
  • Remote access: Having the power to control your home’s functions from a distance is a boon. On exceptionally hot days, you can have your house’s temperature become cooler few minutes before you reach home.
  • Maximized home security: Automated door locks, surveillance cameras, carbon monoxide monitors, smart fire detectors, and many other security features are available that provides added security.

  • Convenience: Devices can be programmed to turn on automatically at certain times. You don’t have to double check if you’ve locked your doors or turned off lights. You can focus on other important things instead since other day-to-day tasks are automated.
  • Energy efficiency: Home automation system allows users to be careful about power usage. You can cut down energy bills by turning off lights when not in use or lower the temperature when you leave a room.

These home assistant products are here to make our life more comfortable and easier. Get your home upgraded with the latest technologies.

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