Frequently Asked Questions about Ductless Heat Pumps

Nowadays people prefer to install ductless heat pumps instead of conventional heating or cooling system at home.

Following are few common ductless heat pump FAQs and their answers.

  • What is ductless heating or cooling system?

This is one of the most efficient types of heating as well as cooling systems that does not even need any ducting system. It consists of one outdoor unit which contains compressors and indoor unit as air handlers.

Indoor units are mounted on the wall or ceiling and its heating and cooling zones can be independently controlled.

  • How this system works, and how will it be controlled?

These ductless systems will use electricity for transferring the heat between indoor and outdoor air by either compressing and expanding the refrigerant.

The ductless systems will consist of:

  • Outdoor unit which contains a variable speed compressor driven by an inverter, an expansion valve, a condensing coil and a fan for cooling the condenser coil.
  • Indoor unit which contains one evaporator and also quiet oscillating fan for distributing air throughout the area.
  • A refrigerant line-set, which is made of an insulated copper tubing that is housed in conduit alongside a condensation drain and a power cable.
  • A remote-control unit that changes temperature as well as operation mode.
  • Also, wall-mounted controls are available.

  • Can ductless systems be efficient?

As per the data available with us, these ductless systems are 3 times more efficient as compared to electric or wall heat furnace.

  • How long such ductless heat systems are around?

Such system was initially developed in Japan during 1970 and later it became popular in Asian and European countries. In the USA these systems are under use for more than last twenty years.

  • How much can I save by installing the ductless system?

You can save almost 25 to 50% of your heating costs as compared to traditional electric type of heating systems by using ductless heat pump systems. Any single-family home can save on average about3, 500 kWh annually with ductless heat pump.

  • How long will any ductless system last?

If you take proper care and maintenance, your ductless system can perform for more than 20 years. You can still find many ductless heat pump systems that was installed during 1980, which are still working very well even today.

  • How much maintenance will any ductless system need?

In order to ensure their optimum performance, ductless systems will need basic maintenance which is by keeping coils and filters clean. Any homeowner can do these tasks.

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