Four Helpful Tips when Planning a Funeral

The cost of even a basic funeral can cost families thousands of dollars. That is why you might be wondering how to save money on a funeral. Planning in advance and becoming familiar with your options are the most effective ways to save money on a funeral today. The tips below can help you manage the cost of the funeral expenses:

Check Out your Options and Compare

Funeral services and merchandise have varying prices even within the same location. Funeral homes will present you with price lists you can compare to choose the one that suits your budget. You may also get price information from them over the phone. Some funeral homes like Reverence Funeral services even provide package pricing and you need to understand what’s included in every package before you make a decision.

Pick the Lowest-Cost Option

If you want to enjoy real savings, consider options such as cremation. It can spare you the cost of a casket, open and closing of the grave, full burial space, and a vault. But, you still have to choose lower-cost cremation niche or burial in a cremation garden. Also, consider a green burial that involves the use of eco-friendly options such as a wood casket. Your funeral director can give you more options on this one.

Do Some Things Yourself

Consider handling some aspects of the funeral arrangements or engage your social network to give you a hand.  For instance, ask your family members to bring potluck dishes to save on the catering cost. Also, if you know someone who is good at video editing, ask them if they could take care of tribute video for you. Remember to check with your funeral director to see if their staff can alleviate any or all of such burdens for you.

Plan in Advance

Planning in advance prevents your family from dealing with the financial burden when you die. After picking a funeral provider, ask to speak with a specialist. The majority of funeral homes provide free advance funeral planning services to the community. This is an opportunity you must take advantage of to understand the available options and take care of the funeral costs ahead of time. A lot of funeral homes give a price guarantee when you pay for their services in advance. Thus, such an arrangement may save your family on funeral costs by locking in the present-day price. As you plan, ensure you stick to your budget and pick only the options you want.

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