Five Design Features to Include in Your Lasting Family Home

Owning a family home comes with both practical and sentimental advantages. It is a good long-term investment that allows for familiarity and stability for families with young children as well as a sense of community with neighbours. If you are looking to add yourself to the estimated 65% Australians who own houses, there are some important features that you could add to your property.

Flexible Rooms

As families age, they grow out of their needs, hobbies, and habits. Flexible rooms are built in a way that allows rooms to continue to provide utility over the years. For example, you could transform a centrally located and built nursery to a playroom or a reading corner to an office. If there is flexibility, you can even include a guest room if there is an empty space in the house.

Adequate Storage Spaces

Family homes accumulate a great deal over the years that need storage. With summer or winter equipment and clothing, holiday decorations, memorable items, or photographs, you may need ample storage for all such things. So it is a good idea to make sure that there are built-in shelves, cupboards, drawers and cabinets, a large attic, or a basement that you could use to store old items.

Swimming Pool

If you are thinking about adding something to your home for the summer or to have a relaxing time, you can look into pool installation options. Whether it is a small pool or a big one, it could help you and your loved ones enjoy a good time or take a break from a busy routine.

An Open Kitchen with a Dining Area

The kitchen is very much the heart of the home, and in our busy lifestyles, it often becomes the centre that holds the family together. Creating a spacious, relaxed environment around this allows easy day-to-day socialising with family during other informal gatherings while maintaining functionality.

As children age or you want to expand your interests, an open kitchen provides ample space to move around performing individual tasks without getting in each other’s way.

Natural Light

While building a house, it is recommended to prioritise living spaces that utilise northern sunlight. Natural light saves you energy costs, boosts your vitamin D as well as your mood, and gives your home a warm, cosy look all at the same time. So try to incorporate structures or windows that allow natural light into your home. However, make sure that these places can be covered during the cold weather as well.


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