Find out about Attic Upgrade using Insulation and Air Sealing

If you’re confused about how to make the home more comfortable, go for house insulation. This requires new insulation in the home along with proper air sealing the windows. Both go hand in hand. These are the two upgrades for saving energy and gaining comfort. Also, attics have more leaks so you need to upgrade it on time.

How does Insulation & Air Sealing work?

Insulation and air sealing help in enhancing indoor comfort. You are also able to save on electricity bills. Both of these agents work differently.


House insulation helps in stabilizing the temperature of the indoor. It controls the heat flow into and out of your home. During the summer season, it helps in driving away from the unwanted heat. The heat is unable to seep in through the attic, roof, walls or ceilings. During winter, it keeps the valuable indoor heat from escaping through those same areas.

Air Sealing

Air sealing, on the other hand, eliminates air leaks to reduce air movement inside and outside of your home. In the summer, the hot air from outside passes inside through the air leaks. During the winter season, warm air is prevented from escaping out of the roof with the help of air leaks.

What are the benefits of air sealing and house insulation?

When you are choosing insulation without air sealing, there are chances that unwanted air may seep in through the insulation. Also, in case you are only doing air sealing but no insulation, there is a risk of heat passing through the building materials.

But if both processes are done together with the help of an expert, you get benefits as below:

  • The temperature inside the home remains stable. Air sealing and insulation help in controlling the temperature of the home. There is a layer of protection provided to your house.
  • You will save a lot of energy and your electricity bill will also be not so high.
  • You will not have to run much of the HVAC equipment.
  • There will be less need for heating or cooling your home using electricity.
  • You will get a soundproof home.

You should stay in your home with full comfort. There should be proper air flowing inside your home and it should stay inside. It should circulate well through the heating ducts. You can prevent uneven temperatures in your home using insulation and air sealing. There is a 25% less heat loss due to insulation. Air sealing and insulation further keep the room free from dust and pollutants. The airflow, as well as moisture, is controlled well. Also, improper heating may affect the quality of your roof. So save them for a longer time using air sealing and insulation.

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