Everything to know about the types of surveying asbestos in buildings

You would have heard everyone saying about the necessity for asbestos testing and surveying for the buildings. You have to do these to ensure that the households and renovation workers are safe in the surroundings. There are several types of surveying the asbestos levels in a building. If you know these types, you can choose the desired type according to your needs. In this article, let us discuss something about the varieties in asbestos surveying in brief.

Various asbestos surveys

Asbestos management survey

If you are in the condition to manage the workers in construction or remodeling works, you would have to make sure that they are not getting harmed by the asbestos contamination in the surrounding. So, you would check the building for the presence of asbestos-containing materials and their extent. Once you know the presence and the levels of risks, you can manage the works accordingly to reduce the health effects on everyone involved in the process. It is known as an asbestos management survey that aims to minimize or nullify the effect of asbestos during the construction process. There will not be any sample testing in this survey. However, the surveyor can take the samples for further testing if necessary. It is necessary to have the necessary assessment knowledge and equipment to conduct this survey, and hence, it is better to hire a professional asbestos consultant to do so.

Demolition survey/Refurbishment survey

If you are about to destroy a building, almost all particles used as building materials will get disturbed. Since most buildings will have asbestos in them to some extent, there are chances that you disturb them and contaminate the atmospheric air. Hence, there is a need to take a survey to find the amount of asbestos present in the parts that are about to be disturbed during the renovation processes. You can use the various testing methods by taking small samples from the portions of the building that require renovation. Based on the test results, you can use the safety equipment and measures to reduce the disturbances in the asbestos-concentric areas. It is necessary to note that the asbestos testing officer should have the necessary qualifications and qualified laboratory to do the processes. Else, the accuracy of the output may go low causing harmful effects during the process.

Residential asbestos survey

It is similar to the above two methods of surveying asbestos. However, it focuses on property owners. If you are a house owner, you can take residential asbestos surveys to know the asbestos information of your home that will be useful in the future where you think of remodeling your home and make some alterations.

Reinspection asbestos survey

As the name suggests, it is the process of reinspecting the asbestos content in your building materials after some time from the first survey. You can get to know the deteriorations in the levels of asbestos in the building if any so that you can do necessary alterations.

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