Does Your Maintenance Company Score High On Floor Maintenance?

Does Your Maintenance Company Score High On Floor Maintenance?

Floors require daily maintenance to keep them clean and shiny. However, the wrong cleaning tactics can cause your flooring to wear out faster. It’s essential to know how high your floor maintenance company score when keeping you in good shape.

You need to understand the kind of care that your cleaning company should be giving your floors. Repairs and replacement for flooring are costly for business owners. Your building maintenance services will determine how long your floors will last before you do a replacement.

It would be best to keep in mind that replacing building floors is costly, mainly because of large spaces. Here are some of the ways that companies with a high score maintain a variety of flooring materials.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are popular in commercial buildings because they are simple to clean spills. Cleaning services use a mild scrubbing machine to clean out stains and grout. The gentle scrubbing doesn’t destroy the intelligence of the tiles when removing dirt. Grout is unpleasant, and it is essential to remove it as soon as possible.

Cleaners also use a wet and dry vacuum to remove dirt and particles without affecting the times. Sometimes, cleaning companies use a mild acid to remove grime on tiles. A mild acid won’t cause discoloration or destruction.


Carpets in commercial areas tend to wear out fast because commercial cleaners use harsh detergents to remove dirt. Reputable maintenance companies use less water and mind detergents to clean carpets. Water can cause carpets to wear as it takes a long time to time to dry. Low moisture carpet cleaning methods ensure that commercial carpets dry faster, and you will receive quicker service.

Big commercial cleaning companies use Whittaker methods for cleaning carpets. The technique uses low-moisture, fewer chemicals, and carpets dry faster. Therefore, it takes a shorter while for a cleaning crew to finish, and your staff can be back to work as quickly as possible. The Whittaker methods take good care of the carpet and ensure that it lasts for longer.

Vinyl Floors

Hards floors are simple to clean, and they do not wear out quite quickly. There are three maintenance ways to keep vinyl floors in good shape. First, vinyl floors need resealing and frequently waxing to prevent water from seeping through the flooring. Second, the vinyl needs recoating if they develop scratches on the top layer of the floor. A good scrub before adding an extra coat of sealant to the vinyl flooring will do the job.

Finally, it would be best if you buffed the floors to keep them looking shiny. The level of shine depends on how you like your floors. Some people prefer the floors to be highly brilliant and not just polished.

Which is the Ideal Company?

You need to find the best commercial building maintenance companies for building maintenance services. Stella Contractor Services g maintenance is a reputable firm with year’s worth of maintaining commercial floors. We will keep your floors in the best condition so they can last as long as possible.

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