Construction Site: All That You Need To Put On For Safety Measures

If you are running a construction-based business, please read this article on worker safety. A government website on worker safety and compensation tells us that in 2012-13, nearly 10% of all claims came from this industry alone. This even though in that year, this industry was ranked 9th in terms of employer strength. These stats will worry about every construction business owner. However, you can reduce your future business losses by ordering the following safety equipment.

1) Hard Hats:

Please ask all your managers to put on hard hats while they are on construction sites. Safety is meant for all those who are visiting your site. Please insist that all your guests too put on these hats on your site.

2) Cordon off the Construction Areas:

This is an essential yet straightforward step to ward off potential accidents. You may have bright-coloured ribbons as fences for this purpose. The other idea is to erect tall barriers made of aluminum that stop people from entering construction sites.

3) Safety Manual:

Make sure that every worker and manager reads and understands your safety manual. You may run mock exercises periodically to check the awareness of the staff of your safety measures.

4) Round the Clock Medical Assistance:

Please have a clinic or health center on your premises. It should have a doctor, a few nurses and some essential medicines for emergencies. Keep an ambulance ready at all times.

  1. Protective Wearing:

Your workers should wear different kinds of gear meant for different situations. Some of those gears are:

  • Helmets: You can reduce head injuries by ordering your workers to wear helmets while being on the site. Head injuries can be caused by tiny objects falling. Even a small screw falling from an altitude of 100 feet can cause grievous injuries. Ask your workers to strap their helmets and not merely put them on your heads.
  • Gloves: High-quality gloves save workers from shocks and hot objects. If you are manufacturing something, chances are you’d have electrical equipment on your site. Some of these objects would have live current running through them. If your workers aren’t careful enough, they might get electric shocks. Prevent shock-induced injuries by having high-quality gloves for your workers.

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Similarly, your workers can handle hot machines and equipment by putting on specially designed gloves.

  • Glasses and Visors: You may want to order special glasses and visors for your workers who are in the welding business. These glasses are necessary for your staff because they stop sparks and bright flashes from damaging the eyes of your workers.
  • Knee pads: Quite often, workers injure their knees while moving around in their workplaces. Common injuries are fractures, dislocations, abrasions, bruises, and torn skin. You may like to order superior quality knee pads that are working in cramped places. Companies like Workwear Hub make high-quality knee pads for firms in the construction and manufacturing business.
  • Shoes: Your workers do a lot of walking around while making and fixing things. In the process, they step upon sharp nails, live wires, hot objects, etc. If their shoes are poorly designed, some of your workers may hurt themselves. What are you doing about this?

We suggest that you have protective shoes that are not only light to wear but are made of protective material. Some protective shoes also protect ankles, toes and other parts of the forefoot.

  • Masks: If your workers use chemicals, then ask them to wear protective covers. Some chemical substances like acids and solvents give out harmful gases that may injure your workers.

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