Concrete: A Truly Versatile Material

There’s no doubt that concrete is a very versatile material, and we have been using it for many years, for many reasons, and like most things, concrete has seen some major developments over the past few years. Colours have now been introduced, and with a variety of finishes, you can create a really unique driveway or terrace.

Cost Effective Solutions

If you take a look at some of the plain concrete driveways in Melbourne, you can see how much of a variety there is regarding finishes, and a concrete driveway is very affordable when compared to other forms of driveway. Concrete offers a durable, non-slip surface which is easily cleaned with a power wash every few months, and the supplier would have a long list of finishing options to choose from.

Exposed Aggregate

Another very popular driveway choice, exposed aggregate offers a stylish and elegant finish, and with a range of colours, you can literally transform the front of your property. The aggregate is pre-mixed with the concrete, which assures an even finish, and when installed, there are a number of major benefits that include the following:

  • Non-slip surface – Hardwearing and safe.
  • Durable and long-lasting finish – Sealants prolong the life of the concrete.
  • Range of finish options – Colours and finishes are almost unlimited.
  • Choice of aggregate – Stones, pebbles and crushed shells

Pave cut is a popular finish, which is created by using a diamond-tipped saw to score parallel lines into the set concrete, giving the appearance that the driveway is paved.

Steel Bar Reinforcement

A large surface area would require some steel reinforcement, to give the concrete added tensile strength, and this is something to discuss with the supplier, who would make a recommendation. When used in construction, concrete often requires inserting steel rebar for added strength, and this is sometimes the best solution for terraces and driveways too.

Sealing in the Colour

If you want to retain a deep and even colour in your driveway, you are advised to have a special sealant applied after the concrete is set. This also protects the surface, prolonging its life, as well as keeping the colour from fading. When colouring concrete is it always best to pre-mix the colour oxide prior to installation, as this ensures an even colour distribution.

Interior Uses

Concrete is not limited to exterior use, and many Australian homeowners have had concrete applied to interior walls, which is a very effective way to achieve a unique finish, especially with such a wide choice of colours. Hand tools can create a range of stunning finishes to enhance an interior, such as stipple effect, combing and other amazing patterns. Polished concrete makes for an elegant floor surface, which is very durable and extremely hardwearing.


This is yet another area that concrete can be applied, and regardless of the size, ready mixed concrete can be effectively poured into any form, giving you a very solid platform for rest and relaxation. Exposed aggregate is a popular choice for a terrace, with a variety of stones, pebbles and shells that leave a unique finish.

Whatever you concrete needs, an online search will help you to locate a nearby concrete specialist, and with their help, you can create a stunning driveway or terrace.

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