Common pest problems and their simple solutions

We love our comfortable, warm and safe households. There are all sorts of comfort, constant water supply, an abundance of food, comfortable furniture and the right temperature. But, these leisures aren’t just for us, the pests also like being cozy. As soon as you see a pest, your fight or flight instincts kick in, and would try everything to get rid of it. Some pests are easy to remove like mosquitoes, rats and bugs, some aren’t just as cooperating like ants, termites, spiders etc. And these pests are found everywhere, no household is spared.

So, what can you do about these pests? Just follow these simple solutions of pest control, next time you see any pest activity at home.

1.      Mosquitoes and roaches

Stagnant water and puddles are the common breeding grounds for pests like mosquitoes and cockroaches. You often find roaches in the drains and mosquitoes flying around water puddles. And alongside dirty and unhygienic surroundings too can attract mosquitoes. So, the best way to keep these away is to avoid any standing water. If you have a swimming pool or some kind of water pool in the backyard, drain or recycle the water frequently. Also, if there are any open drains or leaky pipes, get them fixed right away,

2.      Ants

The most common and fierce invaders of any household are the ants. They can be found anywhere and at any time. And they can be found crawling on the walls, behind the cabinet, over the couch, and hiding in the wall cracks. Ants are usually attracted to food crumbs and sweet substances. Sweet substances include not just sugar-based products and fruits, but also nuts, plants etc. One way to reduce their invasion is to keep your house clean. And improve your safeguards by using natural repellents like coffee grounds, cloves, peppermint, cinnamon etc. All these can give you robust protection against ants.

3.      Termites

While most of the other pests are just infesting your house with their presence, the termites are here to ruin it. The termites can severely damage the wooden components of the house, and that includes furniture, trees, decor and even the foundation. They are often found feeding on woodpiles and stump roots. But you might also find them in your basement, under your patio too, if you aren’t careful. So, you must really watch out of these and use borax or neem tree oil as natural remedies. You can also opt for professional Hillsboro pest control services if the infestation is severe.

4.                  Spiders

These silent intruders usually crawl into the dark unattended corners of your house and peacefully weave webs. They feed on other insects and usually live in houses that have an abundant supply of other pests. But some spiders can be poisonous. So it is important to take all necessary steps to keep your house clean and pest free, to keep spiders away.

There are numerous ways to control pest infestations, some are preventive while others are exterminating. So, if you are already troubled with pests, get professional pest control, and then follow preventive measures to avoid future infestation. And it all starts with keeping the house clean and regularly acting on it. 

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