Cold In The Shed? Hot In Summer? The Right Insulation Can Fix Both!

Sheds and garages can be notoriously cold in winter, unbearably hot in summer and prone to moisture issues year round. Extreme temperatures and moisture problems can ruin your equipment and put you off spending any time in the shed. If you want to protect your gear and make a space which is more pleasant to spend time in – insulation is the answer!

Why should you insulate your shed or garage?

  1. Insulation makes your shed more comfortable.

The purpose of insulation is to slow down the flow of heat so that you can have better temperature regulation for an indoor space. Normally heat energy travels from places of high heat energy (hot air) to places of low heat energy (cold air) until there is an even temperature throughout. However, insulation works to slow down this process meaning your shed will stay warmer during winter and cooler during summer.

  1. You’ll get more use out of your shed throughout the year.

Whether your shed is a games room for the kids, a storage space for tools and equipment, a place to park your car or boat, a workshop or a man cave you can retreat to – proper temperature regulation will make the space more comfortable and pleasant to be in.

  1. You could save on energy costs.

If your shed has artificial heating or cooling systems installed such as an air conditioner or fan, you might find that you rely on these less once you have insulation installed. Insulation works passively to regulate temperatures, meaning you can stay more comfortable without chewing through electricity.

  1. Prevent damage from moisture.

Insulation is also important for moisture control. Moisture often builds up in sheds and garages when the roof material becomes colder than the air inside your shed. When water vapour in the air meets the cold surface, it condenses into water droplets. Unfortunately this build up of moisture can cause a lot of unwanted damage to the contents of your shed and the shed structure itself. What’s more, moisture often leads to mould and mildew growth which can create an unhealthy environment inside your shed or garage.

  1. Reduce noise and create a more private space.

Some types of specialised acoustic insulation for sheds will provide added acoustic benefits on top of the thermal regulation. This means you can reduce noise for your neighbours if you use loud tools or practice the drums in your shed! It also means you can create a more private and calm space if you use the shed for activities such as an art studio.

  1. Protect your shed from heavy rain and strong winds.

Insulation products which are designed to provide a water barrier can play an important role in protecting your shed in the case of heavy rain and strong winds. They also create a barrier against dust or other particles being blown in through the ceiling.

What insulation is best for garages & sheds?

The ideal shed insulation will offer fantastic insulating thermal properties, act as a moisture barrier and reflect radiant heat to keep warmth in during winter and out during summer.

Whether you’re building a new shed or renovating an existing one, getting the insulation right will make a huge difference. Check out these top picks for the best shed insulation:

Kingspan Aircel Insulation

One of the best options on the market is Kingspan Aircel Insulation. This product has an insulating layer with a cross-linked, closed-cell structure which is very effective at slowing down the flow of heat. It also has a highly reflective foil layer which reflects radiant heat away from its surface. Finally, it is water resistant and unaffected by moisture, making sure your shed and its contents stay in good condition.

Foil Insulation and Foam Liners

Foil insulation liners are a great option for tight spaces and can be installed in the roof, walls and floors of your shed or garage. They provide a thermal break and medium vapour barrier thanks to the aluminium foil layer and high density XPE foam core. A tough weather barrier, these products will minimise the risk of condensation related mould growth and prevent hot and cold draughts blowing through your shed or garage.

Bulk Insulation & Acoustic Insulation

Bulk insulation can be used in the walls and ceiling of sheds and garages for effective thermal regulation. There are many types of bulk insulation – from rockwool batts to heavy duty blanket insulation and foil backed roofing insulation. The structure of bulk insulation contains billions of tiny air pockets which break up the path of heat flow. Foil backed products offer the additional function of reflecting radiant heat. Bulk insulation can also absorb noises to help you create a quieter shed space or limit noises you make from travelling to your neighbours.

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