Checklist for Selling your Home

If you are planning to sell your property, there are many things you need to do prior to putting the house on the market, and with that in mind, here is a checklist to make sure that nothing is overlooked.

  • Building Maintenance – You can’t put your house up for sale unless the property is in good order, and the best way to check is to call in your local builder and have him carry out a thorough inspection. Once people view the property, any defect will be pointed out, and this gives a potential buyer the chance to haggle the price down.
  • Swimming Pool Certification – If you have a pool, it will need to be certified as safe to use, and obtaining a pool certificate in Sydney is not an issue is you search online for a local company that specialises in pol certification. If you sell your home without the pool certificate, this is something the new owner would have to arrange, and you have a better chance of a quick sale if the pool is certified and ready for use.
  • Home Staging – It certainly is a buyer’s market at the moment, and it makes sense to have your home staged by the experts, which significantly improves the chances of a quick sale. The home staging specialist would have a range of packages to suit every budget, and when people come to view the property, a few eyebrows will be raised. Stylish and elegant furniture will help potential buyers to see the full potential of the property, and the experts will make sure that the home really does look good.
  • Listing the Property – There are many online real estate websites, and the more you register with, the more exposure your property will get. Talk to a local property sales specialist and see what he recommends, and with online listings, you can reach a higher number of potential buyers.
  • Exterior Makeover – It is important that the exterior of your home looks its very best, and you can hire a power wash machine for the weekend to clean the roof, the driveway and the terrace. Trim the hedges and repaint the fencing to make the front of the property more attractive, plus tidy up anything that needs a little work.
  • Decide What you Are Prepared to Leave Behind – There might be a few items of furniture or some fixtures and fittings that you are prepared to include with the sale, and it is important to decide what you are prepared to include when talking to potential buyers. If you have made considerable improvements, such as a retractable roof, an extension, or even a swimming pool, then you need to decide how much extra you will charge for these features.

Selling your home can be a stressful experience, especially if it is on the market for a long time, and by enlisting the help of a home staging provider and carrying out any maintenance, you will improve the chances of a quick sale, and that will allow you to complete the relocation to your next residence.

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