Ask These Questions Before Selecting A Contractor For Bathroom Remodeling!

Remodeling your home could involve a huge budget, and while style and aesthetics do matter, functionality has to be the top priority. Such projects tend to be more complicated for certain parts of the house, such as the kitchen and bathroom, because there are just too many fittings, electrical components and functional elements to be considered. No matter whether you need help with tub to shower conversion, or getting new fittings, we recommend that you ask these questions before selecting a contractor.

Are you insured?

Remodeling contractors are expected to be licensed, but they must also have insurance. Keep in mind that tasks like bathroom remodeling do have inherent risks, and if their workers end up causing damage to your property, you don’t want to bear the losses. Also, all the workers and repairmen working on the project need to be insured and bonded, besides obvious training.

What are your recent projects?

As a new client, you have every right to ask about the expertise and experience of a remodeling contractor. Find the range of projects they have done so far, and if possible, ask for before and after pictures. A company that has been in the remodeling business for a while will not shy away from sharing details or offering client references on request.

What’s included in the contract?

The process of remodeling a bathroom could be different for each contractor, although all of them will start with an initial discussion. Once you have cleared the things you need and the scope of the project, they will create a contract. Make sure that you are well-aware of the inclusions and exclusions. You also need to check if the concerned contractor is mentioning the promises made to you on paper.

Will you offer an estimate in advance?

Estimates need to be obligation free and offered in advance with all relevant details. The estimate and schedule for the work must be explained in detail, and you need to know what kind of measures the contractor is taking to ensure that the project goes as per plans. Don’t select a service based on price alone, unless you have checked other details.

In conclusion

Don’t be surprised to know that many remodeling contractors assign their work to subcontractors, and that could mean compromising on the actual job. Find a service that’s experienced, has good reviews, communicative and accessible at all times and discuss the requirements, keeping budget and other aspects in consideration.

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