A Guide to Pigeon Prevention and Control Measures for Homeowners

People will find themselves feeding pigeons unintentionally. It happens whenever you spill food in your compound or leave the garbage open for the birds to eat from it. In turn, pigeons will build nests in the neighboring trees or find spaces in their homes’ roofing system.  There are numerous reasons you need pigeon control for your home. They are known to transmit tens of diseases as they carry them. The feces they produce are destructive to the roof, and it may cause the system to collapse.

The Problem

Wanting to get rid of pigeons is not a bad thing at all. Although the birds are symbolic in society, they can be harmful to a person’s health, especially children. Whenever you see a few of them, there are probably many more others as the birds breed in high numbers.

Homeowners must find ways of controlling them. Although birds can be a nuisance, it is illegal to shoot them down or use other similar techniques to finding solutions to the problem. On the contrary, for most people, the process involves safeguarding by not exposing items to pigeons. The most common way that people handle the bird’s menace is to redirect their movement away from your property. Many techniques offer a humane way of preventing pigeons from invading your premises.

It is a Threat to Property and other Assets

Do you have a property with space for landscaping in the city or the urban suburbs? There is reason to plan on ways to discourage pigeons from building nests there. They can damage the vegetation and plants outdoors. Apart from that, they will spread their droppings around the property whenever they eat enough. The waste product is detrimental to assets whenever they pile up. It is corrosive to surfaces and is destructive to vehicles in the compound. You may have to take the car for a paint job if you expose it to pigeon feces. Therefore, since the birds naturally exist in the environment, it is vital to employ solutions that scare them away from your property.

Ways to limit Pigeons from accessing your Property

It is vital to take the proactive approach of controlling pigeons from entering your property. You can select one or more methods below;

  • Anti-roosting tools; there are lines and spikes strips that can deter pigeons from perching. Install them in the ideal spaces that are popular with the birds, like the roofing system and patio. Slippery surfaces can also make it inhabitable for them.
  • Seal Spaces; pigeons will build nests in spaces on housing systems in the outdoors. You can utilize a wire mesh to close gaps in the chimneys, air conditioning system, and other places that the birds can build their nests.
  • Scare them away; some silhouettes can aid in scaring pigeons away from your property. It is vital to move the hawk model from one point to another.


Ensure you consult the professionals when looking for pigeon prevention and control services.

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