7 Practical Tips for Landlords Dealing With Terrible Tenants

Being a landlord is perhaps one of the most challenging jobs. Now and then, you would come across tenants who would either pay the rent late, damage the property, or be downright rude.

As hard as it seems to deal with these kinds of tenants, thankfully, there are professional and mature ways to handle them. Read on to find expert advice on how a property manager can efficiently handle terrible tenants and manage the property.

Carefully Screen Potential Tenants Before Leasing the Property

The first and crucial tip would be to screen (or qualify) potential tenants who might be potential trouble makers before they lease your property. One can’t always tell how a person might be as a tenant, but there are some obvious red flags. Besides doing a credit check and confirming employment, contacting both their current landlord as well as their previous landlord to ask about their experience with them as a tenant is a good idea. You can also avoid a lot of trouble by putting up a proper legal agreement, and making sure they understand the clauses and regulations.

Always Write Things Down

Talking of legal agreements, make sure you write everything in the contract that both parties have agreed to. From the payment procedures to the tenure of occupying the property and other details, you should have everything written and signed by both parties. In case they go back on their words, you would have proof to present if you want to take matters to court.

Maintain Friendly Relations

One of the safest ways to keep matters well and peaceful is to develop a friendly relationship with your tenants. If they are good people, that should not be a problem. However, if they cause trouble, you will need to remind them about the written agreement they signed. Be courteous and patient in your communications with them.

Even if they are not an ideal tenant, you can still be the ideal landlord. By being fair and also maintaining a high standard you may find that they are willing to comply with the rules you established.

Help Them Understand How They Should Treat You

Picking up from the last point, how you behave with them will eventually turn out to be how they behave with you. If you treat your tenants with respect, are courteous and patient, and help them as much as possible, they would likely revert with the same attitude.

Getting Rid of Terrible Tenants

Once in a while, you will find tenants with whom you can’t click. No matter what you try, they will not stop being rude or disrespectful and don’t follow the rules as written in the lease agreement. In such cases, you must ask them to leave.

The first process would be to send them written notice. If the tenants go voluntarily, all’s well. However, if they don’t, you will need to consider other options that may include following an eviction process.

Do Not Renew the Lease Agreement

Sometimes, a tenant can turn out to be someone you just don’t want to deal with. In such a case, you can refuse to renew the lease agreement. Therefore, once the lease has expired, they will have to leave. This will save you time and funds instead of entering a conflict with them or going through an eviction process.

Being Calm Is the Key

Last but not least, always be calm and respectful. You don’t want to end up arguing with your tenants and losing your temper and not acting in a professional manner. Therefore, no matter what it is, keep calm and be respectful. You cannot handle terrible tenants if you are in a bad mental state yourself.

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