6 Types of Wooden Bed Designs to Choose for Your Home

Selecting the right bed is more challenging than you might have thought. After all, you are on a quest to find a cosy sleeping frame which can help you relax and rejuvenate just when your body needs it the most. After all the hustle is real.

It is only when you head out to shop for a new bed, you realise there are a plethora of options like a wooden bed, steel bed, California king size, under-seat storage beds and many more from which you can pick one! We know it is hard to pick just one! All of them appeal to you.

Different types of beds are available in innumerate different sizes. By now you might have figured out which bed is the right one for you, but the very basic classification that you start with is the material of the bed, a wooden bed or engineered wood or a metal one? Your go-to no brainer option and the most favoured is a wooden bed. You get a variety of designs, textures, and finishes in wooden beds. Let us look at a few handpicked designs that are sure to make you drool:

Atlas Solid Wood Box Storage King Size Bed by HomeTown

This contemporary canopy design is for those who like to have a palatial living right at their homes. Why not get yourself a bed that resembles one and make you feel like a king! Being a king-size bed, it is comfortable enough for two adults to sleep with comfort. It has an attractive headboard design that is in contrast with the overall walnut shade. It is a perfect fit for rooms that are larger as it will add a rich feeling to your room.

Victoria Solid Wood King Size Bed with Trundle by HomeTown

HomeTown brings you another product that has a dual role and it is a king at both of them. Divan by day and a king-size bed by the night! Isn’t it perfect for your guests? Just the right comfort they need when they are over at your place. You can use it like a single bed as well as the simple pull out mechanism helps you make a quick place to crash when there are more visitors at your home. It also comes with under bed storage where you can keep all your bed covers, pillows, bed sheet and more.

Barnley Single over Queen Storage Bunk Bed by Urban Ladder

Barnley Single over Queen Storage Bunk Bed is a unique space-saving design that has the capacity for 3 adults in the space of a queen-size bed. It not only reminds you of your childhood days of sleeping on a bunk bed but also has storage providing maximum utility at the same time. It is safe to term it as the Swiss knife of beds. Rubber wood and smoothed edges ensure you do not injure yourself at any time. Safe for your little champions to monkey-around in this bed too!

Bolton Engineered Wood Box Storage Queen Size Bed by HomeTown

Fulfil your desire of having a luxury nest to call it a day by buying yourself Bolton Engineered Wood Box Storage Queen Size Bed by HomeTown. It is designed using engineered wood in wenge finish. You can add a side table on either side of the bed to complete the dapper look of your bedroom aesthetic. You can get this Bolton bed in king size too if you want a satisfying experience. Don’t forget you get loads of storage with adequately spaced compartments where you can keep all your bedroom linens in an organised manner.

Sentosa Box Storage Platform Bed by Urban Ladder

Sentosa Box Storage Platform Bed is an elegant dual-tone finish made from mango wood. It has capacious headboard storage that covertly conceals all items that you want out of your sight. But yes, they are right there when you need it, just slide out the headboard storage and voila, you have them right there! It further goes to have sophisticated shelves in that headboard storage to store your night-time essentials. It has a four-way under bed storage mechanism that is a hoarders’ paradise! This bed has sharp clean lines that give a graceful look to your bedroom furnishings.

Cruz Engineered Wood Single Bed by HomeTown

Don’t you worry, we have a special mention for all you race enthusiasts! This Cruz Engineered Wood Single Bed protects you from rolling off in the sleep with its slightly raised edges while holding on to your adrenaline for your next adventure! You can get it in queen and king size options too.

These are some of the picks that can be on your watchlist the next time you want to redecorate your bedroom and go for a wooden bed. Get the best choice for yourself according to what you like and your other home decor theme!

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