5 Future Trends in Construction That Will Impact the Industry

By 2030, global construction spending is predicted to reach $17.5 trillion. As construction continues to be a growing industry, new trends are being noticed. Many future construction trends will shock you.

Read on to learn about five trends in construction that will impact the industry.

  1. Safety

Safety will always be one of the top trends in construction. However, it is more of a concern now because of COVID-19.

The new safety trends in construction include separating workers to mitigate the spread of disease. Also, the equipment will get enhanced and cleaner protocols will get implemented.

Because separation can be difficult when talking about trends in building construction, crews will be smaller. Shifts will also get staggered so job sites are less crowded.

As expected, there will also be masks, gloved, hand sanitizers, and more specific items in construction. Passing around tools and sharing gloves will no longer be a thing.

  1. Living Materials

One of the new trends in construction materials is living materials. Biological compounds are being developed and can get used far into the future.

Future trends in construction include making materials out of fungi and bacteria. Oddly enough, these materials will be portable, light, and strong.

Concrete will get saturated with bacteria to bind materials into something new. The material can grow in the concrete creating impermeability. Because they can grow in cracks and fissures, they can repair themselves.

  1. Remote Technology

One of the emerging trends in construction technology is remote. Because of the times we are in, remote has basically been the word of the year. Building tasks and administrative tasks can be done kind of remotely too.

Almost every job site uses a drone to its advantage. Because construction has grown drone usage, they have become a trend of their own in the industry. With a drone, you can look down at a project to find important information.

A drone can spot any safety problems, find material quantities, and help create maps. Even the largest job site can get seen as a whole from the viewpoint of a drone.

  1. 3-D Printing

One of the more popular trends in construction is 3-D printing. A 3-D printer can reduce the job site worker density. It works as a nozzle to lay concrete based on an already programmed design.

Even though it is already being used commercially, it is expected to grow more. It makes custom pieces more affordable. There are also cutting methods taking the construction world by storm that you can find on Ametals.com.

  1. Modular Construction

Modular construction has been on the rise for a while, but there will be an even bigger boost in use. This construction is ideal for companies that need individual offices with their own systems. The benefits of modular construction include being temporary if needed and being affordable.

Trends in Construction to Look Out for

Predicting the future is impossible, but with developing technology, the future of construction is looking bright. Even with the pandemic occurring, new trends are making their way to the industry. Above all, you can expect to see these trends in construction taking over.

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