4 Steps to a Successful Move

If you’re feeling depressed or stuck in a rut, one of the best ways to shake up your routine and feel better is to move. While this may seem like a drastic step, you deserve the adventure and change of scenery. Follow these steps to make your move successful and fulfilling.

Pick a Location

Reflect on how much you like your area versus how much you want to see the world. Do you want to downsize to a condo in the next town, or do you want to leave the country and look for a house for sale Mexico? Keep in mind that if you leave the country, you need a passport. Check your destination country’s requirements for visas and immigration applications.

Figure out Your Support System

Now that you have a location, decide how you will support yourself there. If you’re already retired, this process is much more straightforward, although you should check how your Social Security payments will be affected if you relinquish your United States citizenship. If you still need to work, contact your boss and ask if your company has a branch near your destination. You should also consider working remotely or starting a new career.

Put Your House on the Market

Don’t move until you’ve sold your current house, even if it takes a while. Big decisions such as moving should not be rushed, and you need the money from this sale. Get your house ready by thoroughly cleaning every room and closet, repairing all the cracks and holes in your house, and hiring a well-recommended real estate agent. Set your price at a competitive but fair value so that you make a profit but avoid turning too many people away.

Sort Through Your Belongings

You want to take many of your belongings with you when you move, but you don’t need to take everything, especially if you’re downsizing. Give yourself plenty of time and take a day to go through each room of your house. Large, bulky items such as beds and dressers make great gifts to your adult children or friends who are buying their first houses. Donate or sell the items you don’t want anymore, and carefully pack the other ones for your big trip.

If you need a long-term solution to your feelings of boredom and restlessness, consider moving somewhere new. Whether you travel a few miles or across the globe, enjoy this new adventure.

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