3 Common Refrigerator Problems Every Homeowner Comes Across

Like any home appliance, your fridge will also face problems like any other from time to time. Most of them can be fixed easily and will be covered in the warranty itself. But there would be many issues that you may have to look after on your own before you call a professional and get it fixed. But in many cases, it needs an expert’s touch to get it fixed and sometimes replacements may be needed too. Here are the most common refrigerateur problems you may come across.

  1. The fridge is not cooling

Your condenser coils are a mess. If they are visible from the back of your fridge, they are prone to collect dust and stop working. There may also be an issue with your evaporator fan motor as it is responsible for circulating cold air to the fresh food. You may need professional help for replacing or fixing the motor. Or there may be an issue with the condenser fan motor. If there is a start relay issue, then the compressor may not work at all. If there is an issue with the temperature control thermostat, then it may not give voltage to the compressor at all. Eventually, if you are facing none of these issues, then the start capacitor is at fault.

  1. Fridge is not defrosting

If the defrost timer doesn’t work then it may not work with the defrost cycle and may not transmit power to the defrost heater in the defrost cycle. You may need to replace it. If the defrost heater assembly is not working, then the system wouldn’t work and the frost will begin to accumulate. If the defrost thermostat is at fault, then the thermostat contacts won’t close to let power flow to the defrost heater. If the defrost sensor fuse is not working then the system doesn’t work and the fridge won’t defrost. If the main control board is not working then it will not transmit the voltage to the defrost system.

  1. Freezer is cool but the fridge gets warmer

If the fan is not working then it will not send cold air to the fresh food stored in the fridge. If the damper doesn’t work or open properly, then it may not permeate cold air into the fridge. You need to have a look at the damper control to ascertain if it is broken or stuck. If the thermistor resistance remains unchanged then get it replaced. If the control board is at fault, then it may not transmit voltage to the compressor.

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